where to buy white vinegar in bulk uk

Where to Buy White Vinegar in Bulk

where to buy white vinegar in bulk uk

Hello!  Let’s talk vinegar – specifically, where to buy white vinegar in bulk.

You see, I go through a lot of white vinegar in our house. If I’m not cleaning with it, I’m pickling and preserving the bounty from our allotment.

Glass bottles of white vinegar can be picked up relatively cheaply from the supermarket or corner shop.  It’s around 80p for just shy of 500 ml.  And what I love is that the glass bottles are very useful.  Simply pop a spray nozzle on the bottle once you’re done and you’ve got an instant eco-friendly cleaning bottle.

The thing is, when you’re using vinegar in relatively higher quantities, the price soon adds up, and shop assistants give you funny looks when you start buying five bottles of vinegar in one transaction.  Voice of experience here.

To save money, and to save blushes, instead, I buy my white vinegar in bulk online and get it delivered to my door.

Looking to buy vinegar in bulk too?  I have found the cheapest place to purchase white vinegar in bulk – let me share my secrets with you.

Where to buy white vinegar in bulk

eBay is by far the cheapest place I’ve found to buy vinegar in bulk sizes.  Early in the New Year, I picked up 20 litres of vinegar which cost me £7.94 with free postage. That’s around 40p per litre, compared to £1.60 a litre when buying the glass bottles.  A whopping saving of £1.20 per litre.

The price tends to fluctuate on eBay – at the time of writing the average price is around £15 with free postage.  This still works out cheaper than buying from the supermarket, at this is 75p a litre, compared to that £1.60 a litre, so is still a significant saving.  Do check here* to see the current going rate.

Worried about storing 20 litres of vinegar?  Worry not, the vinegar arrives in four 5 litre cartons, which are a lot more manageable to handle and store than one 20 litre container.  To make life easier I decant the vinegar into a glass bottle to make it even easier to pour.

What Can You Use White Vinegar For?

white vinegar in bulk

Here are some of my favourite white vinegar uses:

How to make infused vinegar for cleaning with

How to make your own fabric conditioner

How to make homemade weedkiller

How to remove stains, naturally

There are also more ideas for using white vinegar to clean your home in my new book, Fresh Clean Home, packed full of green cleaning recipes for every corner of your home.  It’s out on Thursday, so do check it out.  Of course, it’s not all about vinegar – there are lots of other great ways to clean your home naturally without vinegar which I cover in the book too.

Have you found white vinegar cheaper anywhere else?  Do let me know – I love a good deal on vinegar!  Some people get excited by sales on clothes or TVs – not me, no, I get excited by sales on vinegar…!

Please note – don’t use vinegar on granite, stone, marble or similar surfaces, as it can damage the stone.


  1. I get my 5 ltrs of white vinegar from my local corner shop. I pop in and ask him to get it and next time he is in the cash and carry he picks some up and then rings me. I get it for just under £4 , not quite as good as yours, but I also want to keep this shop open, so 2 birds with one stone.

  2. Thank you for converting me to white vinegar and my first 5 litre purchase (from a green cleaning ingredients supplier) did not last long! I then decided to buy in bulk from Ebay (20 litres) and must say that it has a very strong odour. It’s used daily in my home-made shower cleaner and, despite increasing the quantity of essential oils, the vinegar odour remains quite overpowering.

    Pre-ordered your new book and am very much looking forward to reading it.

    • Hey Elaine, I had the same problem with my home-made shower spray so I switched to a vinegar free version that is in the book! Vinegar dries without an odour, which is good when you can spray and wipe, but I think when you use it on a wet shower it takes too long to dry and the smell is too over-powering. If you want to keep using vinegar for your shower spray then you could try infusing the vinegar with citrus fruit peelings or herbs or lavender (I grow these in the garden to save buying herbs) – it does help with the odour! There’s more about it here: http://moralfibres.co.uk/infused-vinegar-cleaning/ :)

  3. Alison Fairgrieve
    February 6, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    A few years ago you could buy 5 litre containers of white vinegar in supermarkets. Now when you ask the response is blank or you are directed to small bottles of malt vinegar. Why? Is this the result of pressure from overpriced branded cleaning products?

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  5. Does anyone here know where I can buy 10 or 20 litres of white vinegar in a glass bottle? Or be able to get a container refilled? I dont want to have 4 5l plastic containers after I have finished with the vinegar without being able to refill them. Any thoughts or solutions appreciated.


  6. “Glass bottles of white vinegar can be picked up relatively cheaply from the supermarket or corner shop.”
    …but Sainsbury’s response to all the recent publicity about the plastics problem is to say “Up yours, eco-people” and replace the glass bottles that their cheap own-label 568ml white vinegar (half the price of Sarson’s) has come in for as long as I can remember with plastic bottles instead.
    Oh well, that’s another one added to my “Scum of the earth, not shopping there any more” list.


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