A Homemade Cleaning Spray Recipe To Make In 2 Seconds

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I have got a great winter-scented homemade cleaning spray for you today, that I’ve been using to naturally clean my home. It takes all of two seconds to make for a no-fuss, speedy clean.

I find that February is always a difficult month. The clocks go back in October, and from then on in, it’s the cheery march to all the end-of-year festivities, twinkly lights, delicious food and all. Then January comes, and it feels like a bit of a reset. A quiet time to take stock, reflect and make plans for moving forward. It’s a time of year I oddly really like.

And then comes February. Pesky February. Far away from the festivities to make them seem like a long-distant memory. And far enough from spring that it doesn’t feel like the mornings and early evenings will ever be anything but dark.

I tend to find the worst of the winter weather in Scotland seems to bite in February too. Right now, it’s snowing and we’ve just come through a huge storm. Hibernation until Spring always feels like a good idea roundabout now.

Make Your Home Smell Like A Forest In Winter

Amber glass bottle full of DIY cleaning spray in a white metro tiled kitchen, next to essential oils and natural cleaning supplies.

I’m trying to change my mindset on winter, and recently I read an article on the Norwegian secret to enjoying winter. It turns out Norwegians view their long dark winters as something to celebrate. Inspired by this, I’m now trying to bring about some of that Norwegian attitude to Scotland.

I’ve started small – adapting an old favourite natural cleaning recipe to make a homemade cleaning spray that makes my home smell like a forest in wintertime. I may not want to go out in the snow today, but at least I can pretend I am. It’s a start, right?!

How to Make Homemade Cleaning Spray

Here’s my favourite homemade cleaning spray recipe with a winter twist, that can be whipped up in seconds:

You Will Need:


It’s incredibly easy to make your own homemade cleaning spray.

  • Add two teaspoons of liquid castile soap to your empty bottle (a funnel may help), and the essential oils.
  • Next, add the cooled boiled water.
  • Add the spray top.
  • Shake gently, and you’re good to go!

Directions for Using Your Homemade Cleaning Spray

This homemade cleaning spray is a great multipurpose spray that can be used all around the house. Shake well before use to disperse the oils and away you go.

If using on wood I always recommend spraying the cloth and then wiping your surface to avoid oversaturating your wood, as this could cause it to warp.

This spray should have a shelf-life of 6 to 8 weeks. As always, if it starts to smell or look off, then it’s time to discard and remake.

Safety First

Whilst we might be making natural cleaning products, it’s always important to bear in mind standard safety considerations that you should make when using any cleaning product:

  • Keep all homemade cleaning products and their raw ingredients (particularly essential oils) out of the reach of children and pets.
  • If you have sensitive skin, then I’d also recommend wearing gloves when using this homemade cleaning spray.
  • And finally, when it comes to essential oils I’d recommend you do your own research first before using them in your home. Some essential oils, for example, aren’t recommended for use around children, pets, or during pregnancy.

Personally, I’m of the belief, that using essential oils in this highly diluted manner for a product that is not ingested or applied to the skin doesn’t pose a risk. Certainly not more of a risk than using conventional cleaning products. However, I would encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions as to which, if any, oils are right for you.

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