Halloween is fast approaching and I’ve put together 15 homemade Halloween costumes for kids of all ages to help give you some inspiration (and plenty time to get making!).  For each costume click on the link to be taken to the full tutorial.

homemade halloween costumes

15 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

 diy halloween costume ideas

 1.  This DIY bat costume from the Etsy Blog looks fab, and as a sewing novice, dare I say it, relatively straightforward?

homemade halloween costumes

2.  This DIY snail costume from Oh Happy Day looks so much fun.  It’s mostly made with brown kraft paper – no sewing required!

3. This DIY dinosaur hoodie, on Diying to Be Domestic would be adorable for toddlers!

diy dinosaur halloween costume

4.  For babies I’m a fan of keeping it simple.  I love these animal ear headbands from Hart + Sew.

halloween costume ideas for babies

5.  There’s no specific DIY instructions for this one, but this baby dressed as Carl from Up made my heart sing.  How cute is this, and so easy to put together!

carl from up costume

Find 10 more homemade halloween costumes for kids after the jump!

 6.  These DIY owl wings from Llevo el Invierno are so pretty, and sure to delight any kid this Halloween!

owl wings diy

7.  I’m a big fan of simplicity, so this Where’s Wally costume from Repeat Crafter Me appeals to me so much!

where's wally halloween costume

8.  So, I’m a little bit obsessed with this Mario and Luigi outfit idea that I spotted on Instructables.  There are no specific DIY instructions, but add some yellow felt to a pair of dungarees and you’re pretty much there!  So quick and easy!

mario luigi halloween costume

9.  My daughter’s in a really girly phase right now so I think this girly diy cat outfit from Kids Stuff World would really appeal to her!

girly halloween costume idea

10.  Do your kids love Despicable Me?  Then they’ll love these minions homemade halloween costumes, found on the Goodwill blog.  They look nice and easy to make with items you might have already, which is always handy if you’re short on time!

despicable me minions costume diy

11.  Again, this DIY Mickey Mouse costume from The Chirping Moms looks quite simple to make, but so effective!

mickey mouse halloween costume diy

12.  Don’t want your little one to grow up?  Try this Peter Pan costume diy, spotted on Babble.  It looks fairly straightforward – a green polo shirt and some green leggings and you’re more than half way there!

peter pan costume diy

13.  I love these diy butterfly wings from Buggy & Buddy.  Maybe wear with black leggings and a long sleeved black top for our colder climes?!

butterfly wings diy

14.  For another relative simple halloween costume idea try this shark costume DIY from Make It Love It.

diy shark outfit

15.  And finally, in the last of my ideas for handmade halloween costumes for kids, I’ve found this lumberjack outfit DIY, again from Make It Love It, absolutely hilarious!

lumberjack outfit diy

I hope you’ve enjoyed these homemade halloween costumes!  Will you be making one of them?

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