Guide To The Best Eco-Friendly & Organic Reed Diffusers

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Fragrance your home the sustainable way, with this scent-sational guide to the best eco-friendly and organic reed diffusers.

Organic and eco-friendly reed diffusers just make scents – pun very much intended.

This is because conventional reed diffusers may smell pretty, but scratch the surface and you soon realise that they stink. Most reed diffusers are made with synthetic scents, which are filled with harmful chemicals that aren’t good for the health of both us and the planet.

Common ingredients in home fragrance products include phthalates. Researchers have linked these to everything from asthma to male fertility issues and even obesity.

Synthetic musks are also common ingredients in reed diffusers. These may cause allergies and act as hormone disruptors.

How do brands get away with this? Many manufacturers hide a whole manner of sins behind a lack of ingredient transparency requirements. Trade secrets regulations allow manufacturers to list their blends as simply ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ – blanket terms that could encompass up to 200 different ingredients.

Guide To The Best Organic & Eco-Friendly Reed Diffusers

Reed diffuser on living room table with blue text box that reads guide to the best organic and eco-friendly reed diffusers.

To help you in your search for the perfect eco-friendly scent, we’ve handpicked four organic or eco-friendly reed diffusers from brands that place emphasis on ethical production practices. You could say we have a nose for it!

Before we dive in, it’s important to warn you that it is quite tricky to find wholly organic reed diffusers. Due to the ingredients used, it’s not possible to find a 100% organic reed diffuser. However, I have found a couple that are made with some organic ingredients. I’ve also found others that aren’t organic but tick a lot of eco-friendly boxes that I thought were worth sharing with you.

So, without further ado, here are our favourite organic and/or eco-friendly reed diffusers, ready to freshen up your home.

Valentte London

Best for refillable organic reed diffusers

Valentte London reed diffuser next to plants.

Organic (some ingredients)



✅Made in the UK

✅Refills available

👃 Lasts a minimum of 12 weeks

💷From £17

Fragranced with pure essential oils, that are organic wherever possible, Valentte London is one of our top choices for sustainable scents.

Its entire home fragrance range is based on a range of aromatherapy oils carefully blended to deliver different therapeutic qualities to help your health and well-being.

Made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness, Valentte London uses pure plant-based ingredients and aromatherapy oils to ensure its products make your home smell amazing for longer.

A variety of enticing blends are available – from uplifting lemongrass and rosemary to mood-boosting white neroli and lemon.

As well as smelling good, its range of reed diffusers also does good. They are all vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and made in Cheshire. The diffusers are also made from recyclable glass and come packaged in cardboard. Do note though that the lid is plastic.

Replacement reeds and refills are also available. As well as coming in standard sizes, the refills can even be bought in bulk 1-litre sizes to save waste and minimise postage.

My sister bought me a Valentte reed diffuser for Christmas. It made my bathroom smell amazing and lasted for months. A definite favourite.

Wild Planet Aromatherapy

⭐ Best for organic reed diffusers that give back to charity

Wild Planet Aromatherapy's organic reed diffuser next to vase of flowers.

✅Organic (some ingredients)



✅Made in the UK

❌ No refills available

👃 Lasts a minimum of 4 weeks


Kent-based Wild Plant Aromatherapy – available at Not On The High Street – produces small-batch aromatherapy home fragrance products using pure essential oils and organic grain alcohol. This is certified as organic by the Soil Association.

Its range of delicious scents is sure to make your home smell wonderful. From energising eucalyptus and ginger to cosy clove bud, cedarwood and orange, there’s a scent for you.

What’s also to love is that Wild Planet Aromatherapy puts sustainability and reusability at the forefront.

Ethically sourced, its raw materials are 100% of natural origin, fully traceable and carefully selected. In fact, many of its plant essences are harvested and distilled on small family farms.

The reed diffuser bottles are made from recyclable glass. Whilst the lid is plastic, Wild Planet Aromatherapy says it is working towards a safe and reliable eco-friendly alternative to this.

Meanwhile, the boxes are also recyclable – made from partially recycled material that is FSC-certified (from sustainably managed forests).

Wild Planet Aromatherapy is also a member of 1% For The Planet. This means it donates 1% of its annual sales (not profit) to charities and organisations that are actively making a difference environmentally.

Overall, this small independent brand is doing great things for the planet. We’d just love to see the introduction of refills so we could tick every box.

Neals Yard

Best for organic reed diffuser refills

✅Organic (some ingredients)



✅Made in the UK

No refills available

👃 Lasts up to 12 weeks


If you are looking for an organic refill fragrance for an existing reed diffuser bottle, then Neal’s Yard is well worth a look. Its collection of refills – available at Naturisimo – gives off a lovely long-lasting aroma.

Its Balancing blend, for example, is scented with bergamot and patchouli organic essential oils. This smells nothing like you would think a patchouli-based fragrance might. Think hip, not hippie and you’re on the right track.

This blend also ticks many ethical boxes. The 100% natural fragrance, is made with organic essential oils and organic alcohol. Free from artificial fragrances, and entirely vegan and cruelty-free – it will scent your home the natural way.

The downside is that this refill does come in a plastic bottle. This is made from 100% recycled plastic – although I’m not sure if it is recyclable. As such, we’d love to see Neal’s Yard move away from plastic for its refills.

Aery Living

Best eco-friendly reed diffusers for long-lasting scent

Aery black oak eco-friendly reed diffuser

❌ Not organic



✅Made in the UK

❌ No refills available

👃 Lasts up to 16 weeks


Aery Living – available from John Lewis – makes stylish and beautifully scented home fragrance products using the finest sustainable ingredients.

Setting out to create an ethical and responsible brand that focuses on sustainability
before profitability, Aery Living manufactures its eco-friendly reed diffusers and other scented products wholly in the UK.

Whilst its reed diffusers are not organic, its unique fragrance blends are made using naturally derived essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils. From the rose, geranium and amber scent of its ‘Happy Space’ diffuser to the sophisticated pink pepper and raspberry with Tonka and tobacco aromas of its ‘Indian Sandalwood’ diffuser – these are ones you’ll want to dot all around your home.

Aery Living say that from an environmental standpoint, fragrance oils are better for the planet as they avoid the mass farming of flowers or plants for small amounts of oil. By blending the best of both essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils, Aery Living says this allows it to create unique aromatherapy experiences with minimal impact on the planet.

Aery Living is also a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand – its products do not contain any animal derivatives and aren’t tested on animals. Nor does it purchase from suppliers who do not test on animals. Aery Living also uses carrier oils that are free from paraffin and palm oil.

When it comes to packaging, all of its products are plastic-free and recyclable. Aery Living also plants a tree for every product sold online.

The only annoying thing is that Aery doesn’t provide any way to refill its lovely glass or ceramic bottles.

The Bottom Line

Organic reed diffusers are a scent-sible choice if you are looking to fragrance your home as naturally as possible. Not only are they free from harmful chemicals and potential allergens, but they can smell as good as their conventional counterparts.

With a wide range of scent options available, the hardest part is picking the right fragrance for your home!

Looking for more ways to scent your space sustainably? Try my guide to eco-friendly air fresheners and my guide to the best soy candles for more recommendations.

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