Eco-Friendly Air Freshener Brands To Naturally Scent Your Home

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Breathe easy with this guide to the best eco-friendly air freshener brands, that will banish bad odours, but won’t fill your home with noxious chemicals.

Whilst nothing beats opening up your windows and letting a fresh breeze in to clear any stale or lingering smells, sometimes you might want something a little more to clear the air. Particularly if you live somewhere where your bathroom has no window, or you have a stinky shoe cupboard. Sometimes you do need a little something extra to freshen things up a bit.

Before you reach for that can of air freshener under your sink, take heed. Many conventional air fresheners do contain a litany of dubious ingredients. In fact, public health researchers have found that a chemical compound found in many air fresheners – as well as toilet bowl cleaners, mothballs and other deodorising products – may be harmful to our lungs.

The good news for your nose (and lungs) is that there are many eco-friendly air freshener brands out there. These can help to mask or remove bad odours naturally without harmful ingredients.

Eco-Friendly Air Freshener

A stylish white bathroom with a blue text box that says the best eco-friendly air fresheners to naturally scent your home.

Here are some top natural picks to try in your home – including the plastic-free options.

Fais Botanicals

Fais air freshener in glass bottles

Naturally refresh your home and textiles with Fais home and linen mist. From relaxing ylang-ylang, bergamot and cedarwood; to refreshing geranium, lemon and clary sage; to energising sweet orange, palmarosa, and rosemary, there’s a scent for every mood.

These blends, available in a variety of essential oil-based scents are vegan and cruelty-free and hand-blended in small batches in their studio in London.

Presented in an amber glass bottle, this can be reused or recycled when you are done.

Buy from Etsy from £9 for 50 ml.

Waft Air Freshener

Waft is a more budget-friendly brand of eco-friendly air freshener for a sustainably fragranced home. Made in the UK from pure and organic essential oil blends, Waft comes in a variety of delicious natural scents. These include Lemongrass, Lavender, Peppermint, Geranium, Orange and Rose. In fact, each air freshener is made from 98.5% organic ingredients.

Whilst not plastic-free, the plastic bottles are fully recyclable. And sustainability-wise, the brand has a lot going for it. Aerosol-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, and free of genetically modified organisms, it’s clear that Waft has put a great deal of work into minimising its environmental footprint.

Buy Waft from Ethical Superstore or Big Green Smile from around £5.00 for 100ml

Piglet In Bed

piglet in bed essential oil room sprays

Whether you want to freshen your air, or naturally refresh fabrics, this eco-friendly air freshener is one to try. Available in three different scents – invigorating, calming or reviving – you can pick a scent to suit your mood.

Naturally scented with essential oils, this paraben-free and artificial fragrance-free formulation, will banish bad odours.

Simply generously mist the air freshener throughout the air and onto linens to enjoy the fresh natural scent.

Buy direct from Piglet In Bed for £12 for 100 ml.


Another more budget-friendly buy, Sodasan’s organic air freshener is made from sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients. In fact, this air freshener is 96% organic in origin.

Coming in a variety of scents – including lavender, fresh orange, and woody-smelling sandal – these essential oil blends are a great way to naturally cover bad odours in your home.

This vegan-friendly blend is also free from synthetic nasties. These include dyes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, microplastics, and genetically modified organisms.

What’s more, it comes in a recyclable glass bottle and a plastic-free beech wood cap.

Buy Sodasan from Big Green Smile for around £6.65 for 50 ml.

Neal’s Yard Room Spray

Glass bottle of Neal's Yard Room Spray

Packed full of certified organic ingredients, essential oils, and natural fragrances, Neal’s Yard room sprays will naturally scent your home. Choose from a floral blend of rose and geranium, or a rich blend of bergamot and patchouli.

For those looking to live plastic-free, then good news – the air freshener bottle is made of glass and the atomiser is made of metal, making it more eco-friendly. It’s also made in England, so doesn’t travel far to reach you.

Established in 1981, Neal’s Yard uses ethically sourced herbs, botanicals and essential oils to create their world-renowned aromatherapy blends. They also use the highest possible percentage of organic ingredients they can. In fact, Neal’s Yard was the UK’s first certified organic health and beauty brand. The brand also champions change across the industry – for example, supporting the ban on plastic microbeads in beauty products.

Buy Neal’s Yard room sprays from Bower Collective for £25 for 100 ml.

Use the exclusive discount code MF20 at the checkout to take 20% off of full-price items at Bower Collective.

Bramley Eco-Friendly Air Freshener

bottle of Bramley eco-friendly air freshener

Bramley’s eco-friendly air freshener is scented with delicious sweet orange, geranium, and spearmint essential oil, for a natural and refreshing-smelling scent.

Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients in the UK, this room spray is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. It also comes in a recyclable glass bottle, making it it’s plastic-free apart from the atomiser.

Not only does this room spray smell good, but it does good too. This is because £1 from every sale goes to support the work of Plantlife. This British-based conservation charity works nationally and internationally to save threatened wildflowers, plants and fungi. Their team of conservation experts work with landowners, businesses, conservation organisations, community groups and governments, to ensure rare and threatened flowers and plants continue to thrive.

Buy from Bower Collective for £16 for 100ml. Again, use the exclusive discount code MF20 to take 20% off of full-price items at Bower Collective.

Do also check out my guide to the best organic reed diffusers and the best soy candles, if you are looking for other ways to naturally scent your home.

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