Clever Indoor Bike Storage Ideas

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Are you stuck for indoor bike storage ideas? Do you live in a flat or tiny house without a garden? Well, today I’ve got you covered with some wheelie clever and creative ways to store your bike indoors.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, then you don’t need me to tell you why cycling is good for you.

What’s not good for you is the trip hazard that your bike is every time you go into your hall. When you don’t have any outdoor bike storage the struggle is real.

9 Clever Indoor Bike Storage Ideas

Don’t worry, I’ve done some searching, and found some clever indoor bike storage ideas for you, whether you have an e-bike or a standard bike, and have a flat or a tiny house!

They all have the added benefit that none of the ideas are a trip hazard, and they’ll stop you from getting tangled in your bike every time you go into the hall. Nor will your bike annoy the crap out of your significant other either! I’ve certainly been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt with my bikes in the past!

bike storage ideas

How about this storage unit by Manuel Rossel that doubles as a bike stand?  It’s really quite a thing of beauty.

clever bike storage ideas

This clever shelf provides you with space to hang your bike and gives you somewhere to store your helmet and bike bits too.

thomas walde bike shelf

How about this handy shelving unit/room divider by Thomas Walde?

Bookbike BYografia bike storage

In a similar vein, the Bookbike by Byografia is a bit savvier in its space-saving abilities, but equally as stylish.

understair storage ideas

Got some unused or under-utilised space under the stairs?  Why not use it creatively, like in this Philadelphia home?

bicycle desk

Sitting for long periods at your desk isn’t good for your health.  Why not install a standing desk, and use your bike as a desk chair?  It might not be so comfortable for prolonged periods of time, but you could mount your bike onto a turbo trainer* so you can get some exercise whilst you plough through your emails.

desk with bike storage

If that’s a step too far for you, how about this desk from Choll?  Simple yet effective.

bike sofa

Also from Choll, this clever sofa with an inbuilt bike storage rack.  Here’s the back view:

bike storage sofa

However, the mum in me says just watch you don’t mark the cream cushions with your muddy bike!

window bike storage

And finally, have you got a spare pair of handlebars lying around?  Why not mount your bike on the handlebars?  Don’t have some spare handlebars?  Hit up your local bike recycling centre – they’ll have heaps of secondhand sets that you pick up for just a few pounds.

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9 Clever Indoor Bike Storage Ideas

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