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Cosy Up Sustainably With Craghoppers This Autumn | AD

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Fleece jackets might not be known for their sustainability credentials, but British outdoor clothing and accessories brand Craghoppers is on a mission to change that. This is all part of its ongoing work to produce its clothing and outdoor gear as sustainably as possible.

Like many retailers, Craghoppers’ new capsule fleece collection is made from 100% polyester. And like many earth-conscious brands, 70% of that is made using recycled polyester, sourced from recycled plastic bottles. However, what makes Craghoppers stand head and shoulders above the crowd is that the remaining 30% is made from a pioneering ‘carbon smart’ polyester.

Person wearing a carbon smart fleece

Wondering what’s so smart about this polyester? Known as Bio3, this polyester is cleverly made from captured carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, instead of plastic bottles. This reduces the carbon footprint of Craghoppers’ products, without compromising on quality and comfort.

The technology for this has been created in collaboration with industry experts, LanzaTech – a US biotechnology start-up – in a multi-stage award-winning process that Craghoppers call CO2RENU. 

Capturing Carbon With CO2RENU

The very idea of capturing carbon to make clothing sounds like something straight out of the future. However, LanzaTech has developed a revolutionary process that both reduces pollution and limits the use of virgin fossil resources needed to make new products.

This process has already seen LanzaTech listed in the top twenty of The Fast Company’s most innovative companies of 2023, and become finalists in the Fix Our Climate category of the 2022 Earthshot Prize.

Want to know how it works? First, carbon emissions are captured from steel mills. Next, the captured carbon is converted into ethanol via LanzaTech’s nature-based processes. The ethanol is then converted into the chemicals needed to make polyester fibres. Finally, the fibres are spun into fabric, which is then used by Craghoppers in its cosy fleece collection. 

Diagram showing how captured carbon can be turned into clothing by Craghoppers and Lanzatech

Craghoppers say this CO2RENU technology is an innovative way of recycling waste CO2 that would have otherwise been emitted into the atmosphere, into a product, whilst helping reduce the carbon footprint of its manufacturing process.

Using captured carbon emissions to make polyester doesn’t make any material difference to the fleeces. In fact, the only visible way you can tell Craghoppers’ fleeces are made from carbon emissions is the helpful CO2RENU technology explanation label on the fleece, outlining how it has been made.

Reducing Fabric Waste With Craghoppers

The innovation doesn’t stop at the fabrics used. Craghoppers has also been working hard to reduce fabric waste during the production stage of the fleeces.

Firstly, Craghoppers has designed and developed its fleeces in CLO. This is a 3D design programme, which reduces the need for prototypes. 

Creating prototypes is common practice in the fashion industry – it’s essentially the first sample of the garment that designers use to make changes to, which enables them to figure out the design. However, it does lead to waste. Doing away with prototypes, by using design software, reduces the need for sample production, shipping samples, and fabric waste – making it an altogether better way of designing.

Furthermore, Craghoppers has changed the construction of its fleeces from standard seams to lapped seams. This might seem like a tiny change, but Craghoppers say that this move has also reduced fabric waste in the production process, whilst still maintaining that perfect finish that Craghoppers customers expect.

How To Buy

Eco fleece collection

Looking to upgrade your fleece collection this autumn? Craghoppers capsule fleece collection is available in styles for men and women, in sizes S-XL and 8-18. These come in full and half zip options and in a range of colours – including blue navy, black pepper, red, and ecru. With all these options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect and more sustainable fleece for you. 

These are available online at Craghoppers now, ranging in price from £80 to £85.

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