Did you know that you should regularly dust your fridge? Specifically the coils at the back. Doing so could help save you money!

I’m back with another of my simple tips to save energy! This time let’s talk about why you should be dusting your fridge regularly.

Why You Should Dust Your Fridge

why you should dust your fridge

Now you may be wondering why dusting will save you energy.  Well, dust tends to gather on the condenser coils at the back of your fridge.   Because it’s difficult to get to the coils without pulling the fridge out from the wall most people don’t bother dusting there.  Yet when dust gathers on the condenser coils, it means your fridge has to work a lot harder.  

A harder working fridge means more energy is being consumed by it to do its job, so this, in turn, results in bigger electricity bills for you.  And it can shorten the life of your fridge, so you may have to fork out for a new fridge much earlier than if you’d been a bit more vigilant with the feather duster.  You’re with me now, aren’t you?!

How Often Should You Dust?

The good news is you don’t have to dust your fridge every day, let alone every week. A good dusting once every three months will suffice.  If you’ve got pets, particularly hairy ones like dogs or cats, then you might want to up the frequency and dust it once a month.  

All you need to do is pull out your fridge from the wall, switch it off, and give it a good once over with the duster or a dustpan brush if you haven’t dusted there before.  Don’t use any water or chemicals, like furniture polish: good old-fashioned elbow grease will suffice.  Alternatively, you can use your hoover attachment to clean it whilst you’re hoovering your kitchen.  Remember to switch your fridge back on once you’re done removing the dust (a mistake you only make once!).

If you’ve got an older fridge, and the coils are underneath the fridge, then I’m afraid this doesn’t make you exempt. Dust still gathers there. and it needs dusting just the same.  To access the coils first switch off your fridge, and then you’ll need to remove the grill located at the bottom of the front of your fridge to get your duster in there.  You may also find a small clean paintbrush useful to get a bit further into dust.

How Much Can I Save?

According to Friends of the Earth, apparently keeping your fridge’s coils clean and free of dust can improve the efficiency of your fridge by up to a whopping 30%. This is a lot of energy and a lot of money in your pocket for a little dusting here and there, and hugely beneficial to the environment too.

Now, let’s get dusting!

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