Looking for eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen roll? Read on!

When it comes to the kitchen I’ve already covered eco-friendly alternatives to cling film. However, what about plastic-free and eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen roll?  

Kitchen roll is that other so-called kitchen staple. It’s undeniably very useful. However, as a single-use and disposable product packaged in plastic, it isn’t the greenest.  Dirty kitchen roll is also not recyclable. However, don’t worry, I’ve got four eco-friendly alternatives that are kind to the planet, and still pull their weight in the kitchen.

The Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Kitchen Roll

If you’re ready and looking to make the switch, then I’ve got some great zero-waste and eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen roll up my sleeve for you! 

If you’re not ready, pop back later when you’re ready, no pressure!  When it comes to green living my all-time number one tip is to make one small green switch at a time.   It’s much less overwhelming. And it’s so much easier to find a starting point, rather than trying to green all the things all at the same time.    

Go Kitchen Roll-Less

cleaning cloths that are kind to the environment

One of my easiest eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen roll is to keep a drawer or basket filled with cloths

My working mum’s budget doesn’t stretch to having a basket full of organic cloths. As such, I buy cheap as chips cotton cloths from the supermarket or from Wilko when I find them minimally packaged. Anything that’s not single-use paper towel is a big positive in my eyes, so I don’t feel guilty about it.  If it’s what you can afford then don’t feel guilty either.   

For an even more frugal and green approach, you can also cut up old clothes or towels that are way past their best, and use them as kitchen roll alternatives too.  If you’ve got a sewing machine you might want to stitch the edges with a simple and quick running stitch to prevent fraying.     

To use, I just grab a cloth when I need to wipe a spill, or for any other kitchen roll related task. I then pop the dirty cloth in the washing machine when I’m done.  Job done.

Make Your Own Kitchen Roll

reusable kitchen roll diy

A random pile of cloths stacked up in your kitchen perhaps doesn’t appeal to your aesthetics. Or perhaps you want an eco-friendly alternative to kitchen roll that still looks like kitchen roll. I understand this, as sometimes it easier to make the leap to reusables if things look the same.

The good news is that there are heaps of reusable kitchen roll tutorials out there.  This one, from A Beautiful Mess, is pretty comprehensive.  

eco friendly alternatives to kitchen roll

If you aren’t particularly crafty or are too time poor (me, on both counts!), then thankfully you can buy a roll of reusable kitchen roll on Etsy.  This one*, from Earth Kind Creations on Etsy, is pretty and practical.  

Use A Plate

eco friendly kitchen roll swaps

I have a feeling you will either be with me or not on this one.  When I was growing up in the 1980’s my mum often served us food on a piece of kitchen roll. A sandwich, or toasted cheese, or a bit of cake, it was always served up on a piece of kitchen roll.  I’m not dissing my mum. She worked full time and didn’t have time to be doing a constant stream of dishes that 3 kids create. Kitchen roll plates it was.  Was that just us or did you do that too?

This one was so ingrained on me. I honestly thought it was the MAIN use of kitchen roll! Therefore, it took me a long time to break this one, but now I always serve food up on a plate.  It helps that we have a dishwasher!

Reusable Napkins As A Kitchen Roll Alternative

easy eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen roll

This one is another throwback from my childhood.  For my packed lunches my mum wrapped my sandwiches in kitchen roll. Alternatively, she popped a bit of folded up kitchen roll in my lunchbox to either mop up any leakages or to act as a napkin.  I do this for my own kids now, whenever I make them a packed lunch, but with washable napkins.  

Pro tip: dark coloured napkins are king at hiding an all manner of food stains!  

Have you found any other eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen roll?  As always do let me know in the comments below! I’ve also got loads of other eco-friendly kitchen hacks. From plastic-free dishwasher detergent to making your own beeswax wraps, to my guide to natural cleaning products to DIY, and more.

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