Looking for an ethical clothing infographic? I’ve got a really handy one right here.

I thought I’d share this handy and succinct ethical clothing infographic I found on Pinterest the other day.  As with all things Pinterest it can be difficult to find the original image source.  If you ever do come across the original source do let me know so I can credit it properly!

Ethical Clothing Infographic

ethical fashion

Were there any surprises here for you?

For me what was really interesting to see in this ethical clothing infographic was the mark-up made by retailers selling non-fair trade items – 50% in the case of your typical non-fair trade garment, versus just pennies for the workers and cotton farmer.

I’m personally interested in seeing how non-fair trade clothing compares to ethically made clothing.  I haven’t been able to find anything similar to this infographic yet, but I will try and hunt down a similar infographic for you as soon as I can.

Other Useful Reading Material

Speaking of ethical fashion infographics and resources, then if you’re in need of some pointers I’ve got a few!  

If  you’re a new reader and this has piqued your interest for ethical clothing then I have a whole section of this website devoted solely to ethical clothing.  I also have posts devoted to ethical clothing brands for women and for men.  And if you’re on a tight budget you might also find this post on affordable ethical clothing especially useful.

You can also check out this ethical clothing infographic, which shows the importance of not buying new where we don’t need to. With regards to thrifting there are some secondhand shopping guides on Moral Fibres such as my charity shop shopping tips, and eBay shopping tips, in case you haven’t come across them before. I’ve also got a really useful post on where to shop for secondhand clothes online.

I’ve also started a useful series on how to build an ethical wardrobe from scratch, which I hope will provide a good starting point for beginners in making your wardrobe more ethical.

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And please do share any ethical fashion resources you find in the comments below!

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