Today let’s chat about how to grow your own food for free.

You see, we’ve just bought some seeds for our garden.  However, I never appreciated the cost of seeds before.   I was shocked to find that I could have very easily spent a heap of money on seeds.  It costs so much money!

I realised that we needed a better and thriftier plan.  So, instead, we bought a few select seeds.  I then did some intense internet research.  As such, I’m now armed with a plan on how to grow the rest of our food for free.

grow your own food for free

What’s the Secret?

Before you ask what kind of trickery we have up our sleeves, I’ll reveal our plans for growing our own on a budget.  The secret is that I found a great infographic on Pinterest (you can follow me here) about how to grow your own food for free from kitchen scraps.  Yup, kitchen scraps.

It turns out that instead of composting scraps, you can re-grow food from things like onion butts, the ends of leeks, the ends of lettuce, mushroom stalks, and more.  So much more!  Even the ends of pineapples.  Although I suspect that living in Scotland, pineapple wouldn’t work here in our colder climate!

I plan on giving all of this a go as this thrifty approach to gardening appeals to me very much!

Find out how you can be super thrifty in the garden too, and grow your own food cheaply after the jump…

How to Grow Food For Free From Scraps

grow your own food cheaply

It’s a bit too big for the blog, so to see the whole text a bit more clearly visit Cooking Stoned.

I also have a load of other thrifty gardening tips.  Here are some green gardening tips using items you might already have.  And here’s some gardening advice for renters.  And here’s how to compost in a flat, if you live in a small space.

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