Looking for a guide to beefriendly plants? Keep scrolling for some handy pictorial guides.

Last year I wrote a post on how to attract bees to your garden and touched briefly on some bee-friendly plants that can benefit wildlife.  Well, the other day I came across this pretty and succinct illustrated guide to plants that bees love, that I thought would be helpful to share.

This bee-friendly planting guide has been illustrated by Maine-based artist Hannah Rosengren.  It’s really useful to have close to hand when you’re planning on planting up your garden and are looking to help the bees out.

plant these to help save bees hannah rosengren

Hannah kindly let me reproduce her beautiful bee-friendly plant illustration here for Moral Fibres readers.  However, it’s available for sale in her Etsy shop* for just £14.  It would make a really sweet gift for the keen gardener or aspiring apiarist don’t you think?  

Hannah also has lots of other great prints in her shop. Including a lovely print on how to help the Monarch butterflies.  It’s well worth a browse in her lovely shop!

What Plants Do Bees Like Best in the UK?

I also found this guide from Friends of the Earth, that shows what plants bees like best in the UK. Clover, cornflower, knapweed, and other plants that would thrive in a meadow are all good bee-friendly choices to grow in your garden.

It’s a really handy guide to have to hand, especially the next time you are planning a trip to the garden centre to stock up on bee-friendly seeds or plants.

If you’re looking for more bee-friendly tips, then you’ve come to the right place. As well as the post on attracting bees to your garden that I mention, I’ve got a couple of other posts on bees you might like.  From how to revive tired bees, how to make a bee watering station, and how to help bees if you don’t have a garden.

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