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Interested in vegan bags? Let me show you some beautiful vegan bags out there.

In my piece on is leather eco-friendly, I touched on many issues as to why leather isn’t great for the environment. From toxic heavy metal chemicals used in the tanning process to large-scale deforestation, increased methane levels, and animal cruelty issues.

This implies that leather alternatives are eco-friendly, but in the same article I touched on the issues with PVC and PU leather alternatives. These fossil-fuel based products aren’t friendly to the environment or to the workers.

As such, I have been looking out for greener vegan friendly bags.

Skunkfunk’s Vegan Bags

I feel like I hit the jackpot with Skunkfunk.  They have a range of beautiful bags, available in the UK.  And not only are Skunkfunk bags vegan, but Skunkfunk is big on sustainability too:

vegan bags

From clockwise:

Skunkfunk tote bag (£39)

Skunkfunk hand bag (£55) (be still my beating heart!

Satchel bag (£37)

Cross body bag (£65)

You get free returns and delivery, and what’s more, if you sign up to the newsletter you get £10 off when you first spend £50.  That makes that pretty handbag £45…  Hmm…!

Matt & Nat Bag’s

I came across a brand called Matt & Nat.  Their vegan bags are a bit pricier but very stylish and classically timeless, and they are trying to be more sustainable in their operations too:

vegan bag uk

From clockwise:

Grey Tote Bag (£95)

Brown Tote Bag (£95)

Brown Tote Bag (£85)

Green Shoulder Bag (£70)

It’s been quite a tough job tracking down vegan-friendly bags that are also a bit greener in their production.  If you come across any do let me know, as I plan to update this post as I find more bags that fit the bill.

Do also check out my guide to ethical vegan shoes.

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