UK Black-Owned Ethical Fashion & Accessory Brands To Know

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Update your wardrobe sustainably with these UK-based Black-owned sustainable and ethical fashion and accessory brands you need to know.

I know I’m speaking to the converted here when I say that fast fashion is built on an exploitative and racist business model. These fast fashion brands exploit people of colour by using a workforce of predominantly female garment workers in low-wage economies.

Here, many workers labour in terrible working conditions, far below the living wage. What’s more, workers are denied paid sick leave and other basic rights. All of this is just to make clothes that are worn only ten times before being disposed of.

Ethical fashion is a better choice. However, even in the ethical fashion sphere in 2024, there is still a lack of representation. There’s a distinct lack of Black and minority brands. And not enough ethical brands are using people of colour to model their clothes. It’s safe to say that in terms of diversity, fashion has a long way to go.

The UK Black-Owned Ethical Fashion Brands To Know

Smiling person in amongst yellow flowers, wearing a yellow shirt, floral top and jeans, with a blue text box that reads the black-owned ethical fashion brands to know.

Thankfully things are slowly changing. To help celebrate diversity within the ethical fashion sphere, I wanted to shine a light on the UK-based Black-owned ethical fashion and accessory brands, that are championing sustainable style.

Use the quick links to jump to information about a specific brand, or keep scrolling to see the full post:


Person holding an AAKS woven bag.

AAKS was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, a Ghanaian native who graduated from Kingston University in London.

Akosua’s goal is to introduce the world to her favourite Ghanaian weaving techniques. At the same time, she wants to create sustainable jobs within Africa. 

Handcrafted in Ghana, AAKS beautiful woven bags are made using ecologically harvested raffia. Scraps are even reserved for smaller bags, in order to minimise waste as much as possible.


Person sitting on a red sofa, holding a navy vegan handbag from black-owned ethical fashion brand Amschela.

Amschela is a PETA-Approved designer vegan handbag brand that was founded in 2017 by Keri Andriana. Originally set up as a leather handbag brand, after looking to be more sustainable the brand began to phase out leather, phasing it out completely in 2021.

Amschela champions ethical and sustainable production practices, environmentally friendly materials, including recycled materials, and inclusivity. What’s to love is that the brand also offers social mobility opportunities for disadvantaged youths in the fashion industry.


Person wearing white top and cream skirt from Atijo

Atijo – an online vintage shopping destinaton – means “in the past” in Yoruba – one of three main languages spoken in Nigeria.

Founded in May 2019 by friends and London-based stylists Anu Odugbesan, Londiwe Ncube, Safiya Yekwai and Caitlin Moriarty, Atijo was set up to provide a more curated and luxury experience to vintage shopping.

The stylish site aims to show pre-loved fashion in a new light, to encourage slow and conscious fashion choices,while celebrating timeless style, diversity and culture.

Bikini Season

Red bikini top and bottoms on a sun lounger next to a cotton bag.

Bikini Season (available at Veo) is the place to go if you are looking for recycled micro bikinis. Inspired by Portugese and Brazilian beachwear, this Black-owned ethical fashon brand puts sustainability at the core of its business.

All of its bikinis are made with ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon fibre which is made from pre and post consumer nylon waste. This includes fishing nets, carpets and industrial plastic rescued from all over the world.

What’s more, all of Bikini Season’s swimwear is made in a small women-owned specialised studio in London. This means they can easily ensure staff are paid well and work in good conditions.

Each bikini arrives at your door in fully compostable packaging, plus a reusable organic cotton bag. And Bikini Season also plants a tree for every order placed.

Get 10% off your first order when you sign up for the Veo newsletter.

Elliott Footwear

Person wearing a white jumper, jeans and white trainers against a pink background.

Black-owned ethical brand Elliott Footwear (available at Veo) make stylish vegan shoes for all genders.

Driven by a minimalist, waste reduction philosophy, all of its shoes are made from recycled materials or cruelty-free vegan fabrics. What’s more, the brand buys back your pair of Elliotts at the end of their life, offering a 40% discount on a new pair.

Kemi Telford

Person wearing a floral dress from Kemi Telford, one of the black ethical clothing brands in the UK

Kemi Telford (available at John Lewis) designs and sells beautifully bold Nigerian-influenced clothing with a Western twist.

Sustainability is at the heart of this Black-owned ethical fashion brand. Kemi Telford says “This brand was created to empower women. This means that our employees – and those of our manufacturers – are always treated with care and respect“.

What’s more, Kemi Telford is conscious of waste. Remnants from the clothing are made into colourful zero-waste scrunchies and gift bags.


Person holding a bag from black-owned ethical fashion brand OlaOla

OlaOla is a textile design studio based in South East London, run by Ola Olayinka. Here Ola creates bold and unique patterned accessories such as bags, hair accessories, and jewellery which celebrates Ola’s Nigerian heritage. As such, it’s a great one-stop shop for ethical accessories.

Each product is printed and hand-made in small batches in the UK, using recycled materials where possible. Making products to order in this manner allows for less fabric waste. What’s more, OlaOla uses all smaller off-cuts. Here they are upcycled into products, such as earrings, to further reduce fabric waste.


Two smiling people from Sancho's wearing black tops.

Finally, Sancho’s is an online Black-owned clothing and accessories shop based out of Exeter, which sells a wide range of clothing from ethical brands.

Founded in 2015 with a mission of making sustainable fashion more accessible, it’s put the best sustainable, slow, and artisan brands under one roof to make ethical shopping easy.

As well as carrying lots of sustainable brands, Sancho’s also offers its own-brand made-to-order eco-friendly fashion. This includes hoodies made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, to organic cotton t-shirts – all under £50.

Have you come across any more Black-owned ethical fashion or accessory brands? Do let me know!

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