30 Crochet Christmas Decorations To Make This Festive Season

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If you are well and truly hooked on crochet, then why not make your own Christmas decorations? Here are over 30 free festive patterns to make baubles, chains, stockings and more.

Buying Christmas decorations is always a fun activity. But making your own Christmas decorations is a whole new dimension of joy. There’s something about festive crafting that really brings out those cosy Christmas feelings.

Whether it’s making some plastic-free Christmas decorations from natural materials. Or whether it’s sitting down with a ball of wool and crocheting some special decorations. There is just a whole new level of joy when it comes to crafting.

If you’re looking to combine your love of crochet and Christmas then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got over 30 free festive crochet patterns for you. Whether you are looking to decorate your tree, or your house or make handmade gifts, there’s something here for you!

Crochet Christmas Decorations To Make

Crochet Xmas stars with blue text box that reads crochet Christmas decorations to make this festive season.

You might be looking to use up stashes of old yarn in fun festive ways. Or you may want to gift your friends homemade decorations. Or you may want to decorate your home with heirloom creations that you will want to hand down through your family.

Whatever your goal, then do try some of these free Christmas decoration crochet patterns. You’ll soon whip up some pretty decorations.

Do note that some of these patterns come from US-based sites. America uses different crochet terminology compared to the UK.

If this is the case, then don’t worry. You can print out the pattern and using a pen, replace the US terms with the UK terms before you begin. It’s not too tricky. Try this guide for UK and US crochet conversions to see you right.

Use the quick links to jump to the details about each crochet tutorial, or keep scrolling for the full post:

1. Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree Pattern

Crochet Christmas tree decorations in green and red.

This crochet ribbon Christmas tree, by Poppy & Bliss, is perfect for hanging from your Christmas tree. Alternatively, you could make some extra special homemade Christmas cards or gift tags. Use a stiff yarn, rather than a soft one, to get the perfect shape.

2. Crochet Mistletoe

Crochet mistletoe pattern

Ready to do some smooching underneath the mistletoe this year? Then make this lovely crochet mistletoe garland, with this free pattern from London Loop. It’s so sweet, you’ll want to leave it up all year round!

3. Crochet Star Pattern

Festive stars pattern

These pretty crochet stars, by Persia Lou, are the perfect way to use up any odds and ends of yarn. This quick and easy pattern will have you seeing stars in no time!

4. Christmas Jumper Decoration

Mini crochet Christmas jumper pattern

These mini crochet Christmas jumpers from Raffamusa Designs are a lovely way to add some festive cheer. Whether you hang them from your tree or use them to decorate gifts, these little jumpers will certainly raise a smile.

5. Crochet Hanging Christmas Tree

Crochet hanging Christmas trees

These pretty hanging crochet Christmas trees by AnneMarie Shak are a delight. Whilst the pattern is in Dutch, keep scrolling down for the pattern in English.

6. Crochet Standing Christmas Tree

Standing Christmas trees made with wool

Let’s keep with the Christmas tree theme for a moment! This crochet standing tree is perfect if you are looking to crochet some decorations for other areas of your home. Whether that’s your mantlepiece, window sill or in the centre of your table, you’ll be sure to find the perfect place for these beautiful trees.

Find the full free pattern at Nana’s Crafty Home.

7. Christmas Bell

Free crochet festive bell decoration

This fun Christmas Bell, again by Raffamusa Designs, is a fun 3D make that will have you jingling with joy.

You can choose to either crochet a simple bell or turn it into an Amigurumi version. Here you can add a cute smile, a bottom, and some stuffing for the full effect. All the detailed instructions are there, for whatever option you choose.

8. Crochet Gingerbread Man

Free gingerbread man pattern made using wool

If you have intermediate crocheting skills, then this free crochet gingerbread man pattern is too adorable to pass up. The cherry on top is the literal cherry on top! Available as a free Ravelry download, you will want to keep this sweet little man out all year long.

9. Crochet Christmas Wreath

Free crochet pattern for a Christmas wreath decoration

This crochet Christmas wreath, from Raffamusa Designs, is a Christmas twist on the classic doughnut. Once you have crocheted the basic doughnut shape, feel free to decorate it however you want. You can also use whatever colour scheme you want, to get the perfect wreath for you.

10. Small Crochet Christmas Tree With Lights

Crocheted standing festive tree

Are you looking for a quick crochet Christmas decoration project? This little free crochet Christmas tree pattern by Made By Gootie might be just what you are looking for!

This cute little decoration can be put on your shelf instead of the tree. It would also make a lovely gift for your loved ones. 

11. Christmas Lights Garland

Crochet Christmas lights garland

If your brief is Christmas lights but make them cute, then this Christmas Lights Garland pattern is the one for you. These sweet smiling faces are sure to make even the most Grinch-like people smile!

Raffamusa Designs shows you all the steps to crochet this bright garland Christmas decoration for your home.

12. Crochet Christmas Snail Decoration

Crochet Christmas bauble decorations

Snails may not be synonymous with Christmas (yet!), but I bet if you make one of these cute Christmas Snails then everyone is going to want one! This free crochet pattern, from Lennutas, shows you how to make the baubles. There are then other options to customise them in cute ways.

13. Fluffy Christmas Trees

Festive fluffy trees made from wool

These fluffy crochet Christmas trees, by The Lazy Hobby Hopper, are so sweet. They make a great homemade alternative to bottle-brush Christmas trees. You could make a few to create a festive forest for your mantlepiece. They could also make for a great Christmas cake topper.

14. Crochet Christmas Lights Garland Decoration

Wool Christmas lights garland with bells

With another take on Christmas lights, this fun pattern from Zamiguz is another one to add to your crochet queue. Featuring jingling bells, it’s a delightful way to inject some holiday spirit into your home this festive season.

15. Crochet Christmas Stocking

Crochet Christmas stocking pattern

Want to crochet your own Christmas stocking? This free festive pattern, from Briana K Designs, is a great one to try this year. Fill it with some eco-friendly stocking fillers and you’re on to a winner!

Do note that this pattern requires intermediate crochet skills. If you are a beginner, you may want to enlist some help from a more experienced crocheter.

16. Christmas Elf Bauble

Elf crochet Christmas decoration

This crochet Christmas Elf pattern, from The Blue Bobbin Crafts, is seriously cute. Add a little hook, and he would look so sweet as a crochet decoration for your Christmas tree.

The instructions are in Greek but if you keep scrolling down you will find instructions in English.

17. Christmas Gnomes

Christmas gnomes free crochet pattern

This free Christmas crochet gnome decoration pattern looks tricky. However, Hannah, the pattern creator promises this one is simple and beginner-friendly. You’ll soon want to make one for every corner of your home!

18. Wreath Tree Decoration

Festive wreath made from wool hanging from Christmas tree

This wreath tree decoration, by Creative Crochet Workshop, is a quick and easy crochet project to make this festive season. Using small amounts of wool, you can use up your yarn stash, and customise it to fit your colour scheme.

19. Amigurumi Crochet Christmas Tree

Free amigurumi crochet Christmas tree decoration pattern

This super cute Christmas tree, from Marta Ruso Crochet, is the festive decoration you didn’t know you needed. Pop it on your shelf or your mantlepiece, and you’ll be sure to make everyone smile.

20. Festive Crochet Coasters

Christmas crochet coasters and decorations pattern

These festive coasters, by Repeat Crafter Me, would make such a lovely handmade Christmas gift. It’s definitely something that will be treasured for years to come. The free pattern comes with a handy video – helpful if you are a crochet novice!

These can also be much more than just coasters. Hang them from your tree, use them as gift toppers, or use them as festive fridge magnets, or appliqués on blankets or totes. This is handy, because once you start making these easy projects, then you just won’t be able to stop!

21. Festive Bells

Festive bells made from yarn

This crochet Christmas bell pattern, from Atty’s, is perfect for beginners. With detailed step-by-step photos, With detailed step-by-step photos, you’ll whip up some beautiful crochet Christmas decorations before you know it! Hang them on your tree, string them into a garland, or make homemade Christmas cards – the choice is yours!

22. Crochet Christmas Elf

Crochet elf pattern

This sweet little Christmas elf, from Sweet Softies, is incredibly cute. At 15 cm tall, it’s perfect for topping your tree. If you can bear to give it away, then it would also make a perfect festive gift.

The elf can be easily customised using different yarn colours and hairstyles. The only limit is your imagination!

23. Scandi Christmas Tree Decorations

Red and white Scandi style crochet Christmas decorations pattern.

These Scandi-style crochet Christmas tree decorations, from Crochet For You, are perfect for adding a little Scandinavian flair to your tree. A great beginner’s project, you’ll find yourself wanting to make more and more of them!

24. Crochet Christmas Pudding

Crochet Christmas pudding pattern

Even if you’re not a fan of traditional Christmas pudding, these crochet Christmas pudding decorations from Crafty Cruella are a treat.

Actual Christmas pudding should be made 5 weeks before Christmas. Suitable for beginners, you can make these decorations quicker than you can whip up an actual Christmas pudding!

25. Crochet Christmas Gnome Decoration

Crochet festive gnome pattern

This cute Christmas gnome, available as a free download on Ravelry, is the perfect way to decorate your table this Christmas. Its 3D design might be a bit more challenging for beginners, but the pattern comes with step-by-step instructions and photos to keep you right.

26. Hanging Christmas Tree Decoration

Hanging Christmas tree decoration made by corner-to-corner crochet

This hanging crochet Christmas tree decoration from The Purple Poncho is a fun way to add some festive cheer to your home. This is a quick pattern to crochet, using the corner-to-corner technique, and it uses minimal amounts of yarn. In fact, it’s the perfect project for using up any leftover yarn in your stash.

27. Crochet Angels

Crochet angel pattern

Say ‘halo’ to these sweet crochet Christmas angels from Atty’s. Sweet and simple enough for beginners, you could decorate your home in myriad ways with these divine decorations.

28. Crochet Christmas Baubles

Crochet Christmas baubles and tree decorations

I’m in love with these beautiful crochet Christmas baubles from Greedy For Colour. If you are in love with them too, then the free pattern – in UK crochet terms – guides you through all the steps.

Make them in your preferred colours to decorate your tree. Or package them in a pretty box for a sweet handmade Christmas gift idea.

29. Christmas Robin Decoration

Christmas robin crochet tree decoration

This sweet little robin, again by Crafty Cruella, could be rocking around your Christmas tree this festive season. There’s no need to translate from US to UK crochet terms for this one. Simply keep scrolling down the page for UK instructions.

30. Sweet Little Snowman

amigurumi snowman pattern

This baby snowman from Sweet Softies would love to come into your home and celebrate Christmas with you!

With his cute carrot nose, twig arms, and coal eyes, he’s everything you want from a traditional snowman. This one thankfully won’t melt though!

Make a few to create a little Christmas scene on your windowsill, or nestle one on your Christmas tree. The free crochet pattern is quick and easy to follow. You’ll soon be crocheting up a veritable (snow) storm!

I hope you enjoy crafting! I don’t know about you, but these crochet Christmas decoration patterns have certainly got under my skein!

And while you’ve got your yarn out, don’t forget that this free pattern for crochet makeup remover pads makes for a lovely handmade gift idea!

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