Christmas is around the corner, and you might be thinking about stocking fillers. Perhaps specifically an eco-friendly stocking filler that tread lightly on the planet. The good news is that I have lots of sustainable and ethical ideas that will be sure to delight all ages come Christmas morning.

In terms of gift guides, I have both a guide to eco-friendly gifts and one on secondhand gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your loved one. However, as a couple of readers have pointed out, I have completely neglected to share ideas for eco-friendly stocking fillers.

Let me rectify that today. I want to share ideas for eco-friendly stocking fillers that aren’t only a delight to receive but can be enjoyed long after Christmas is over.

My Top Eco-Friendly Stocking Fillers & Ideas

Image of a red stocking and some red Christmas decorations on a dark wood background with a text box that says eco-friendly stocking fillers for Christmas

Here are my top eco-friendly stocking filler options. From plastic-free and zero-waste options. To palm oil-free options. To vegan-friendly options. And to items made by small independent makers in the UK. And because I know some of you don’t just do stockings for kids, but grown-ups too, then I’ve included some grown-up options and ideas.

All of these ideas come in at under £15 each, with many under £10 and under £5.

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Play in Choc - one of many great eco-friendly stocking fillers for kids

Last year my kids got Play In Choc in their Christmas stocking and it was a huge hit. As an eco-friendly alternative to Kinder Eggs, the cardboard box contains two delicious vegan, nut, and gluten-free chocolates wrapped in a home compostable foil. The chocolate is also Soil Association certified organic. Not only that but there’s a fully recyclable cardboard animal for kids to build and a cardboard information card with fun facts about the animal. At £2.49 per box* it is a little more expensive than a Kinder Egg, but there is zero plastic waste and better eco-credentials.

three bars of seed and bean chocolate in green, orange and blue packaging, on a white marble background

For grown-ups, my favourite chocolate is Seed & Bean. As a treat, it’s not pricey. You can pick up a bar for less than £3*.

As well as being palm-oil-free, Seed & Bean is vegan-friendly and all its ingredients are completely organic. Seed & Bean also uses Fairtrade-approved suppliers where they can. As such, 16 of their chocolate bars are now Fairtrade certified.

What’s more, the wrapper is plastic-free. The outer paper layer can be placed in your recycling bin or in your home composter, whilst the inner foil layer is also home compostable. This is because the inner foil is made from Natureflex, a specially sourced, flexible cellulose film that is made from eucalyptus wood pulp. I think this makes for a great eco-friendly stocking filler.  

Bath Bombs

A colourful white and pink bath bomb

My kids absolutely love a bath bomb, and they make for a great eco-friendly stocking filler.

Tracking down eco-friendly ones is, however, tricky business. I’ve found a load of Christmas-themed bath bombs on Etsy. However, sadly, all of them contained mica. This is a problematic ingredient of which the mining of mica is linked to child forced labour. Wanting to avoid mica, I’ve found these fun bath bombs* (£3.35 each) from Soul and Soap that are mica-free. Not only that, but they are also SLS and SLES free, cruelty-free and vegan.

If you’re looking for something more grown-up friendly, then try this rose bath bomb*. Again, this is also mica free.

Please note, Soul & Soap have to send their bath bombs packaged in a recyclable wrap. Without protective wrapping, the bomb would get moist and fall apart. Therefore the recyclable plastic film can be recycled either with your normal kerbside recycling collection or at recycling stations that accept low-density polyethylene (LDPE).


I saw this line graph once, which I absolutely cannot find now, that essentially shows how the excitement level of receiving socks rises exponentially the older you get. And I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement. I flipping love receiving a great pair of socks. Popping a practical filler in a stocking, that you’ll use time and time again is a perfect eco-friendly option.

Frugi organic kids socks

Ethical kids retailer Frugi has a variety of really bright and colourful kid’s socks* that would make for a fun eco-friendly stocking filler with staying power. These socks start from £8.50 for a pack of two socks, up to £12 for a pack of three. These are made ethically and with GOTS certified 90% organic cotton.

For adults, there are heaps of eco-friendly socks abound. Try my guide to ethical socks to find the perfect pair.


Tiny bamboo kids truthbrush with a yellow handle

My kids always receive a toothbrush in their Christmas stockings. A reminder from Father Christmas to keep brushing their teeth, and as a bit of an antidote to an otherwise sugar-filled time. It’s also the eco-friendly stocking filler that keeps on giving, as it will help keep your kids’ teeth clean for months to come!

These cute tiny ‘Truthbrushes’ from Truthbrush are available via &Keep for £4.25*. They are suitable for children up to around age 8. There are also adult versions* should you wish to pop a toothbrush in an adult’s stocking too.

Toys and Other Fun Eco-Friendly Stocking Fillers

You might be thinking what about the toys? Here are my top eco-friendly stocking filler toys, under £15.

A Wooden sweets play set in a brown striped cotton bag makes for a great eco-friendly stocking filler.

For sweets without the tummy ache, this wooden sweet set from Kidly* (£13) is a triumph. With lollipops, sweeties, and bon-bons all in a drawstring candy-striped cotton bag, these are a fun addition to any make-believe play day.

A Sunography solar powered photography kit.

This Sunography set* (£9.50), also from Kidly, is a fun creative kit for kids. Using sun rays to create art, little ones simply need to place an object onto the card, such as leaves and flowers, expose it in bright sunlight and then rinse it to reveal a rich and unique print. It’s a unique, creative activity that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

A wooden star, with holes for threading red and white striped cotton through - a great eco-friendly stocking filler.

This star threading toy* (£7.25) is made from wood and is perfect for developing fine motor skills and encouraging good hand eye coordination.

A set of wooden colouring pencils made from twigs, in a cotton bag printed with flowers that says colour makes people happy. Part of a series on eco-friendly stocking filler ideas.

Finally, these cute little twig pencils* from Etsy (£8.50) make for great stocking filler that encourages eco-friendly crafting and colouring sessions. The cotton drawstring bag holds the pencils together when they are not in play, and can be repurposed when the pencils are used up.

Eco-Friendly Stocking Filler Gifts For Teens and Adults

You might be thinking what about the eco-friendly stocking fillers for teens and for adults? If you do stockings for the teen and grown-ups in your life, there here are some clever planet-friendly ideas.

A set of four pin badges for environmentalists - part of a guide to eco-friendly stocking filler ideas.

These beautiful environmental-themed pins (£8), made by Aberdeen artist Gabi Reith, are available via the Small Stories Etsy shop*.

Clay moon incense holders

This cheeky little moon incense holder* (£12.50), from the Brogan Honor Etsy shop, is handmade in clay by Brogan – an independent artist based in Sunderland. Do note that these holders are for incense sticks, not incense cones! You can also find lots of adorable handmade clay pins* in Brogan’s shop, that start at £4.

Hedgehog washing up brush

This adorable hedgehog washing up brush* (available from £3.82 on Etsy) is a cute addition to any kitchen. Made from beech wood, recyclable stainless steel and coconut fibres, is offers plastic-free dish washing with a smile. It makes for a fun eco-friendly stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for someone that likes green cleaning.

vegan bunny soy candle

These soy wax candles from Vegan Bunny* (from £8) make for a great stocking filler or secret Santa gift.

These vegan and cruelty-free candles, available in a variety of scents, are strong smelling, without being over-empowering. All Vegan Bunny candles are hand-poured in England using natural ingredients. What’s more they are plastic-free too, for minimal impact on the earth.

Beauty Stocking Fillers

Beauty items make for great stocking filler for teens and adults. Here are my top choices:

Axiology lip to lid balmies

Axiology* makes plastic-free and zero-waste multipurpose crayons, that deliver beautiful colour for your lids, lips, and cheeks. Wrapped in paper, and packaged in a recyclable cardboard carrying case, these palm oil-free and cruelty-free crayons deliver a sheer colour, that’s easy to apply and blend and are suitable for all skin types.

Prices start from £12.

Weleda skin food

Weleda Skin Food* (£13.23) is a cult skincare favourite and for good reason. There isn’t a patch of dry skin on your body that Skin Food can’t sort out. I feel like I bang on about this product every winter, but dry hands? Scaly elbows? Wind-burned cheeks? Skin Food sorts it. You’re welcome.

dook soap bar

If you’re looking to slip a bar of fancy soap into your eco-friendly stocking, then look no further than Dook Soap* (£9).

Avaiable in a variety of calming scents, this handmade in Scotland soap bar is made in small batches using essential oils, organic ingredients and natural colours. Rich in minerals and superbly moisturising, each bar is paraben free, palm oil free, cruelty-free and vegan.

gruum plastic-free shampoo bar

Finally, Gruum’s shampoo bar (£8) is a great addition to any eco friendly stocking. This plastic-free shampoo bar is handmade in England, cruelty-free, and lasts for around 60 washes. Perfect for cutting down on plastic in the bathroom,

Need More Eco Christmas Tips?

Do check out my full guide to having an eco-friendly Christmas. I’ve got loads of ideas – from choosing a sustainable Christmas tree, to making zero-waste decorations, and advice on eco-friendly gift wrap. I’ve also got ideas on reducing food waste at Christmas, and ideas for more plant-based food options. It’s all there!

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