Looking for plastic-free February resources? Right this way – I’ve got lots!

It’s Plastic-Free February, so in honour of this, I’ve been rummaging through the Moral Fibres archives, and dusting off and updating old posts. All with the aim of bringing you a list of potentially useful plastic-free February resources, if like me, you are trying to take steps to reduce your plastic usage.

I feel my hands are kind of tied food-wise, as we have zero bulk shops around where I live in West Lothian.  If you have one, or several, in your area then do count your lucky stars!  Despite this, I still try my best, where budget allows (plastic-free toilet paper – why are you so eye-wateringly expensive??  £1 a roll would bankrupt my family of four!).  I also keep lobbying manufacturers and supermarkets to introduce plastic-free goods.  They love me! 

Plastic-Free February Resources

Despite this, I’ve been able to make some progress. Here are my plastic-free February resources that I’ve come up with over the years:

resources for plastic-free february

The Plastic-Free Kitchen

Plastic-Free Health & Beauty

Plastic-Free Cleaning

General Plastic-Free Living

Are you taking part in plastic-free February?  If so, do share with me your top plastic-free tips, or what hurdles you’ve encountered, or any other useful advice!

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