How To Lower Your Energy Bills By Rearranging Furniture

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Did you know that where you place your furniture can have an impact on your energy bills? It sounds wild, but it’s true. Here’s how you can rearrange your furniture and save money on your heating bills as well as save energy.

How we style our homes can not only make a big impact on its ambience but on the environment too. To keep your environmental impact as small as possible you can opt for secondhand furniture or ethical furniture so that your home looks good and does good.

But beyond that, have you ever thought about the impact of where you place your furniture? You see, rearranging your furniture isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s actually a practical way to save energy and reduce your environmental impact.

Rearrange Your Furniture For Maximum Heat Output

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It’s true, the simple act of rearranging your furniture can really impact just how energy-efficient your home is. A key aspect in this age of sky-high energy bills.

So how do you rearrange your furniture to make your home as energy-efficient as possible?

If your sofa or any other bulky item of furniture is in front of your radiator then it will absorb a high percentage of the heat being emitted from your radiator. This means you’ll have to run your heating for longer for your room to warm up.

If your sofa or any other bulky item is in front of your radiator, moving your furniture away from your radiator will help you see a difference in your energy bills. At least in the months when you’re running your heating anyway.

If your room is quite small and there’s nowhere else for your sofa to go don’t worry. Moving your sofa just a little bit away from the radiator means the heat can circulate a bit more freely. This will definitely help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

An Energy Glow-Up

This furniture rearranging tip isn’t groundbreaking. However, when we were house hunting I was looking at a lot of homes online. I was continuously surprised at the number of homes I looked at online where the sofa is placed in front of the radiator.

Just by moving your furniture a bit, you’ll save money and energy. Your boiler won’t have to work as hard. And you’ll get a nice warm glow (quite literally) from helping the environment. What’s not to love?

Looking for more easy energy-saving wins? Try closing your curtains to help save energy – with caveats though! You can also check out all my top energy-saving tips to help keep your bills as low as possible.

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