The Best Period Pants In The UK (PFAS Free) Tested & Reviewed

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Looking for the best period pants in the UK? I’ve tried out lots of different brands to help you find the best reusable period pants for you and your period – all PFAS-free.

Period waste is a huge environmental problem. An estimated 200,000 tonnes of sanitary products are estimated to end up in landfill in the UK each year.

And sanitary products are the fifth most common item found on Europe’s beaches. This makes sanitary product beach waste more prevalent than single-use coffee cups, cutlery, or straws.

As many sanitary products are mostly made of plastic – with one pack of disposable sanitary towels containing as much plastic as the equivalent of 5 plastic carrier bags – they don’t break down or biodegrade for hundreds of years. And as they litter our coastlines, they can be ingested by marine life, with catastrophic consequences.

So what do we do about this?

Reusable period products are one of the best solutions to combat period waste. I’ve tried a lot of different eco-friendly period products – and I think the hands-down winner is reusable period pants. These are easy to use – with no learning curve – and cater to most menstruating people.

However, a pair of period pants are an investment, and making the right choice is key. To help you find the best pair for you I’ve tried and tested five of the leading period pant brands, to find the very best ones.

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What To Know About PFAS In Period Underwear

In the guide, I mention brands that are PFAS-free. PFAS stands for Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances.

These chemicals are added to a variety of products to make them water-resistant, stain-resistant or greaseproof. So, for example, your waterproof jacket or boots may be coated with PFAS to repel water.

So far so innocuous, right? I’m afraid not. The problem with PFAS is that they are terrible news for both human health and the environment.

PFAS are known as forever chemicals because they do not break down in the environment. They persist, meaning they build up and don’t go away. And they are linked to several health concerns, including fertility problems, an increased risk of cancer, and more. When it comes to wildlife, these chemicals cause similar issues.

In 2020 Jessian Choy from Sierra Club shockingly found that period pants, from brands such as Thinx, contained these PFAS.

In January 2023, Thinx settled a lawsuit brought against it. Whilst Thinx said that the settlement was “not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing”, it has said that customers who submit valid claims to buying Thinx products between 2016 and 2022 can receive $7 per purchase for a maximum of three purchases.

Given the huge difference between wearing a pair of waterproof shoes coated with PFAS and period pants that fit tightly on your sensitive intimate parts, I’ve gone to lengths to find what I believe are PFAS-free period pants.

Whilst I have only found five PFAS-free period pants in the UK, it may be there are other brands with PFAS-free pants, that don’t realise they’re PFAS-free. PFAS in period pants is a relatively new issue that has so far been under-reported – I only became aware of the issue myself very recently – so some brands may be unaware of the issue. If in doubt, drop your preferred brand an email.

Guide To The Best PFAS-Free Reusable Period Pants

Pair of black period pants with a blue text box that reads guide to the best period pants.

Ready to wear, wash and repeat? With an increase in both the number of brands and styles of period pants available, it can be daunting knowing where to start.

I’ve tried out several different period pants to find my favourites. I’ve then rated them across many different criteria, namely:

  • how effective they are
  • how comfortable they are
  • their price
  • their quality
  • what they are made of
  • who made them
  • their durability
  • if they contain PFAS or not

I immediately discounted any brands that did not have a specific “zero PFAS” policy on their website. That immediately ruled out many brands. I also ruled out brands where I wasn’t convinced their products were made ethically. So you can be sure that the brands I’ve listed below really are the best of the best:


⭐Best period pants on a budget

People wearing WUKA's period pants
🩸4 different flow rates available💚 Made ethically from sustainable materials
✅Soft, stretchy and comfortable🤝 Gives back to charity
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Inclusive sizing and styles💷 Costs from £12 per pair
📅 Durable♻️ Plastic-free packaging
🌱 Made from vegan fabrics🧪 PFAS-free

WUKA is a female-led start-up that offers heaps of different period pant options to help you have a sustainable period, whatever your preferences.

This inclusive brand offers pants catering for 4 different flow rates – from light to super heavy. Its period pants also cater for UK sizes 4 to 28, in various styles, to suit your needs best.

As long as you like your pants in one colour (black!), then WUKA is the brand for you!

Wendy Says

I’ve been using WUKA period pants for five years now, and I love how durable they are. I’ve not had to replace them yet, despite repeated wear, making them a sound investment.

They are incredibly effective, and I’ve never had a leak yet. I particularly love wearing them at night time, for a comfortable and secure night’s sleep.

Comfort-wise, they are super soft and stretchy. These period pants aren’t at all bulky and don’t chafe or rub. It’s easy to put them on and forget you are wearing any period protection. I’ve also found they offer a smooth silhouette, even under tight-fitting clothes such as leggings.

Use the exclusive discount code MFIBRES10 at the checkout to get 10% off all WUKA collections, excluding Basics.

2. Modibodi

⭐Best period pants catering to the widest range of absorbencies

Person wearing blue Modibodi reusable period underwear
🩸7 different flow rates available💚 Made ethically from mostly sustainable materials
✅Soft, stretchy and comfortable🤝 Gives back to charity
📅 Durable💷 Costs from £18.50 per pair
🕒60-day risk-free trial♻️ Plastic-free packaging
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Inclusive sizing and styles🧪 PFAS-free

Created for different bodies, and different flows, Modibodi offers a wide range of reusable PFAS-free period pants in a range of styles, colours, and flow levels in UK sizes 4 – 26.

Modibodi primarily uses organic cotton, mulesing-free merino wool, bamboo viscose, and pre-consumer recycled nylon to make its pants. This means Modibodi’s core range of underwear isn’t vegan, however, a vegan range is available.

This award-winning brand is the first reusable period pant brand to create adaptive underwear for people with disabilities. Here, the hook and loop tape fastening makes changing simple and stress-free whether standing, sitting, or lying down.

Modibodi’s supply chain partners are audited under BSCI standards This ensures fair working pay, reasonable hours, and safe working conditions.

Meanwhile, through the Give A Pair program, every pound donated goes towards providing someone with a pack of five pairs of leak-proof undies. So far, they’ve donated more than $1,500,000 worth of underwear.

Wendy Says

I’ve only used Modibodi’s period pants for a few months now, but I’m so impressed with how absorbent, comfortable, soft and slim they are.

I haven’t experienced any leaks, even overnight or on the heaviest days of my period. I also appreciated the 60-day returns window if it turned out they weren’t suitable for my flow.

What I also love is having the option to choose between standard black knickers or fun colours and designs. It makes these pants feel a bit more fun than having a drawer full of standard-issue black knickers. I have a lacey pair, and I love how luxurious they feel. They don’t look like period pants, and make me feel great when I put them on.

And I find these wash and dry well – of the period pants I own these dry the fastest.

I’d love to see Modibodi move away from using spandex to more sustainable options, but on the whole, I applaud its use of sustainable fabrics.

3. Fluxies

⭐Best for vegan-friendly period pants

Person wearing PFAS free underwear from Fluxies
🩸5 different flow rates are available💚 Made ethically from recycled materials
✅Soft, stretchy and comfortable🤝 Gives back to charity
📅 Durable💷 Costs from £18 per pair
🌱 Made from vegan fabrics♻️ Plastic-free packaging
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Inclusive sizing🧪 PFAS-free

Fluxies offer size-inclusive period pants, in UK sizes 4 – 30), that are all PFAS-free, in a host of styles. From classic bikinis to hipsters and sleep shorts, there’s something for every preference.

Fluxies says that it is committed to creating products that are designed with sustainability at the core – from the natural fibres it uses to the ethical manufacturers it partners with – with zero compromises on comfort, form, or function.

Fluxies prioritises ethical fabrics, including organic cotton, and super soft and breathable Tencel, and does not use any animal products in its period pants.

Wendy Says:

I got to try out a pair of Fluxies Essential briefs, and really rated them. From the home compostable packaging they arrived in, to the comfort levels and absorbency, there was nothing I didn’t like.

Crucially, I didn’t experience any leaks – not even overnight on my heaviest flow days, which I was very impressed with.

Fluxies Essential Briefs are the cheapest in the range, and admittedly they didn’t feel quite as luxurious as some of the other period pants in my collection, but I will definitely be turning to these pants every month.

4. Saalt

⭐Best period pants for low-flow days

Person wearing Saalt underwear.
🩸2 different flow rates are available💚 Made ethically from recycled materials
✅Soft, stretchy and comfortable🤝 Gives back to charity
📅 Durable💷 Costs from £36 per pair
🌱 Made from vegan fabrics♻️ Plastic-free packaging
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Inclusive sizing🧪 PFAS-free

Saalt is a newcomer to the UK market. Well-established in the US, this B Corp’s new UK shop caters for UK sizes 4 – 24.

Saalt uses silky soft recycled fabrics made of post-consumer recycled water bottles to make its pants. And from the fabric to the finishes, Saalt supports ethical sourcing and manufacturing processes at every step of its supply chain.

Its ethically-made fabrics are made in a renowned factory that guarantees safe and healthy labour conditions and goes above and beyond to provide housing, medical care, safe water, and scholarships for its seamstresses and workers.

Saalt offers a range of different styles- bikini briefs, thongs, and high-waisted briefs. And each style has four colours to choose from – giving you ample choice.

Wendy says:

Saalt’s period pants are incredibly thin, lightweight and smooth and don’t give a dreaded VPL under tighter clothing, such as leggings. They feel just like regular pants – there’s nothing that screams period underwear.

I tried the leakproof high-waist briefs. These offer regular to heavy flow protection (the highest protection Saalt offers).

I did find these period pants super soft, and super comfortable and I loved how thin they are. However, after just one hour of wear on day one of my period, I experienced a leak. I wouldn’t say I have a particularly heavy flow, so it was disappointing to find they had leaked after such a short duration.

Saalt says these pants can replace two pads, but this sadly wasn’t my experience. Through trial and error, I’ve found that they are better suited for daytime use during the lighter flow days at the end of my period. Here they are perfect – the thinner pants provide the protection I need without necessarily feeling like I’m wearing period pants.

If you need to use panty liners at any point in the month, then I also think these would make a great reusable alternative.

5. Hey Girls

⭐Best for period pants that give back

Person wearing red period pants from Hey Girls
🩸1 flow rate available💚 Made ethically from recycled materials
✅Soft, stretchy and comfortable🤝 Gives back to charity
📅 Durable💷 Costs £20.85 per pair
🌱 Made from vegan fabrics🧪 PFAS-free
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Inclusive sizing

Hey Girls is an award-winning period product social enterprise that wants to eradicate period poverty in the UK. That means each order is matched with an equivalent donation to someone in need.

As of December 2022, Hey Girls has donated 29 million period products to people experiencing period poverty.

With five styles available and a range of sizes from 6 – 22, Hey Girls period pants are made from bamboo and organic cotton fabric. This is lined with an extra super absorbent layer that can hold around the equivalent of 4 to 5 tampons.

Wendy Says

Available in one absorbency and one super high-rise style – in either black or cherry red – I think these bamboo period pants are ideal for those starting out and exploring the world of period pants.

The period pants are super soft and comfortable to wear, and I didn’t experience any leaks.

I love the fact that each purchase helps to reduce period poverty. However, I’d love to see more absorbency levels introduced to make the range more accessible for people with heavier periods. I’d love to see different styles, as some days you don’t want to wear big pants!

Need More Info?

Still on the fence about period pants? Do check out my beginner’s guide to period pants that covers all the questions you might have about period pants, including those questions you might be too afraid to ask.

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