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Hello!  How have you been? Like most people in Scotland (84.5% voting turnout!) I’ve been rather occupied with the Scottish Independence Referendum.  First there were a few sleepless nights before the big day.  Talk about nerves!  And then on Thursday night we sat up all night to watch the results.  Talk about disappointment!  This has been followed by a post referendum funk of the highest order, that I think 45% of Scotland is feeling right now.  This isn’t the place for me to articulate my feelings on the referendum, but if you’re interested the National Collective always hits the nail on the head for me.

In an attempt to distract me from politics I’ve been browsing Pinterest.  Something about the visual aspect of it has been quite soothing after everything!  Here I came across this great ethical fashion resource – the Buyerarchy of Needs by artist Sarah Lazarovic:

buyerarchy of needs

I love how Sarah succinctly shows that using what you have is always the most sustainable solution, and buying new should be your last resort if all other options fail.

Speaking of ethical fashion resources then If you’re in need of some pointers I’ve got a few!  With regards to thrifting there are some secondhand shopping guides on Moral Fibres such as my charity shop shopping tips, and eBay shopping tips, in case you haven’t come across them before.

With regards to making, my internet friend Jen of My Make Do and Mend Year has started two Facebook groups – Make Do and Mend-able for anyone interested in making and mending, and Pre Loved Craft Stuff where you can buy/sell/swap/offload any craft supplies.  I’m not particularly crafty but if you are in an way slightly crafty then I’m sure these will be valuable resources for you!

 Be sure to check out Sarah’s site too!

All images courtesy of Sarah Lazarovic.


  1. Great post – I have been so very nearly tempted to buy clothes I don’t really need due to voucher codes this week. I was stopped in my tracks when I heard that this week is Waste Less Live More week:) Love the image of Buyerarchy of needs. I am going to wait patiently for the next Swish for some new to me clothes!

  2. So glad to see this pyramid on your blog! It’s such an important message as limiting the amount of new stuff that flows into our life is the key way to tread more lightly on this planet. This doesn’t just relate to clothes, but clothes is an easy place to start. I’m actually in my second year of clothes rationing, styled on the system applied during WW2 in the UK (I write about the experience over on my blog and more recently in the Pretty Nostalgic magazine). I’m also in my fourth year of applying some wartime food restrictions too (fats, dairy, meat…). This might sound like a lot of restrictions but life is perfectly manageable and positively pleasant with a little less. Mr M hasn’t even noticed that I’ve instituted rationing ;-)

  3. Hi Wendy :)
    Love the blog. I like to think I’m hip though (nearly old enough to be a hippie), so its good to see the ethical, moral, environmental message becoming almost mainstream now, with a much younger audience. This little image is such a great and popular one. Thanks for sharing. We have an uphill struggle to save the world, but lets give it our best shot!
    keep up the good work

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