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Looking for ethical fashion resources? I’ve got a really useful diagram to help make you stop and think about your shopping habits. Read on!

Hello!  How have you been?

I’ve been spending a little bit of my evenings lately browsing Pinterest.  Something about the visual aspect of it has been quite soothing after a long day!  

An Ethical Fashion Resource

It was here I came across this great ethical fashion resource – the Buyerarchy of Needs by artist Sarah Lazarovic:

buyerarchy of needs

I love how Sarah Lazarovic succinctly shows in her buyerarchy of needs that using what you have is always the most sustainable solution, and buying new should be your last resort if all other options fail.

This framework can be applied to almost anything you would usually buy. I find it to be particularly useful when applied to my wardrobe. After all, the most ethical item of clothing is the one you already have. Especially so when you consider that according to research the average person only wears 20% of the items in their wardrobe.

The aim is only to buy new items of ethical clothing when I’ve exhausted the other options. And even then, being brutally honest with yourself and asking if you actually need it, or do you just want it? The answer might suprise you.

Other Useful Ethical Clothing Reading Material

Speaking of ethical fashion resources, then If you’re in need of some pointers I’ve got a few!  With regards to thrifting there are some secondhand shopping guides on Moral Fibres such as my charity shop shopping tips, and eBay shopping tips, in case you haven’t come across them before. I’ve also got a really useful post on where to shop for secondhand clothes online.

I’ve also started a useful series on how to build an ethical wardrobe from scratch, which I hope will provide a good starting point for beginners in making your wardrobe more ethical.

All images courtesy of Sarah Lazarovic.

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