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Looking for ethical swimwear?  Me too, my friend, me too!

I last bought a swimsuit six years ago: since then my body shape has changed a bit (or maybe my swimsuit has just shrunk…!) and now I’m on the hunt for some ethical swimwear.  A reader also recently asked me to help her find some affordable ethical swimwear too, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and write a blog post about it!

There are quite a few ethical swimwear or UK made swimwear companies out there.  Here are eight brands to look out for:

7 Ethical Swimwear Brands

Ruby Moon

Ruby Moon are probably the cheapest of the ethical swimwear brands.  Their swimwear runs at about £45 with free worldwide shipping, and 100% of their profits are donated in the form of micro loans to women entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Kiss Me Deadly

kiss me deadly swimwear

Kiss Me Deadly sell the most beautiful vintage and retro inspired swimwear.  Whilst the swimwear is made in factories in many countries, Kiss Me Deadly say that for factories operating outside of the EU they make sure they have an ethics certificate.


Kiniki swimwear has been made in the UK for over forty years.  Their Staffordshire factory handles everything from the initial concept, sourcing, design and production, making it a truly ethical business.  You can even get 10% off your first order by signing up to their mailing list.

To Dive For

ethical swimwear brands

To Dive For sell luxury swimwear and designer dive wear, which are all designed and made in the UK.  As a special treat you can get 15% off your first order with code HELLOTDF.

State of Mind Active UK

State of Mind Active UK make ethical swimwear in sizes 14 – 28.  It’s pretty rare in the ethical fashion marketplace to see plus sizes offered, so kudos to them for this.

Samantha Sage

Samantha Sage swimsuits are all made in England, with a focus on “easy beach glamour” rather than sporty swimming.

Halcyon Blue

Halcyon Blue sell, shall we say, a more exotic Brazilian style of beachwear.  Think micro bikinis and thongs.  If this is your thing then you are in luck because Halcyon Blue make all of their swimwear in their factory in the very tropical West Sussex, and all components are sourced within the EU so that they can ensure the ethical standards of their swimwear.

The cost issue

Most of the ethical swimwear I found from the ethical retailers tends to retail at £70 and upwards, which is completely understandable because of the fabrics involved and the labour and skill involved.  If your budget allows it then I’d recommend looking at the offerings from these retailers.

If your swimwear budget doesn’t quite stretch that far then I’ve had a look at some of the offerings from the high street.  Marks and Spencer and Fat Face all quite score fairly highly in terms of ethics (more on that later), so I’ve concentrated on them:

Ethical Swimwear On the High Street

Fat Face

womens ethical swimwear

Pineapple Punch Swimsuit (£35) / Stripe Swimsuit (£35) / Wilderness Swimsuit (£35)

In case you’re wondering about Fat Face’s ethical credentials, they’re actually the only high street retailer to score highly on the Good Shopping Guide to fashion retailers.

 Marks and Spencer

ethical swimwear uk

Halterneck Swimsuit (£35) / Ruched Swimsuit (£29.50) / Spotty Swimsuit

According to the Good Shopping Guide, Marks & Spencer don’t rank that highly, but then they were named most ethical fashion retailer on the high street by Ethical Consumer.  Confused?  I am, and this is why, as I mentioned in my last blog post, we desperately need more transparency and accountability in the fashion industry, and less greenwash.  I do think Marks & Spencer are making good progress in some areas of their business with regards to the environment and ethics so I do continue to support them, and encourage them to make better progress in other areas of their business that they are behind in.

Have you found any other ethical swimwear makers out there?  Do share in the comments below.

ps: if you plan on enjoying some sun then here’s a post on eco-friendly sunscreen that you might find useful!

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