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Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Amazon to Know

ethical shopping amazon

Looking for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to Amazon? The good news is you don’t need to look too far. I’ve got nine online sustainable marketplaces for you to try today for almost all of your needs.

In May 2021 it was reported that Amazon had a sales income of €44bn in Europe in 2020, yet paid no corporation tax. Despite Amazon recording their highest income yet Amazon’s European unit apparently made a €1.2bn loss and therefore paid no tax. This was at the same time as many bricks and mortar shops were forced to permanently close down,

And to rub salt in the wound, the Guardian reports that the unit was granted €56m in tax credits. These credits can be used by Amazon to offset any future tax bills should they turn a profit. The company has €2.7bn worth of carried forward losses stored up, which can be used against any tax payable on future profits. This means it will be quite some time before Amazon pays any tax.

Of course, it’s not just tax avoidance. Amazon has been linked to human rights abuses. Their business model is based on over-consumption. And the company’s carbon footprint has been calculated as being larger than that of Switzerland.

The Best Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Amazon

The best sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to Amazon

The good news is that there are lots of great eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to Amazon out there. These ethical online stores cater to a wide variety of ethics, budgets, and product requirements. Let’s look at nine of the best out there now.

In order to help support the running costs of Moral Fibres, this post contains affiliate links, denoted by *. Moral Fibres may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to readers, on items that have been purchased through those links. This income helps keep this site running. Some brands have also paid a fee to be included in this roundup. This is denoted by **.


Dorset-based &Keep* sells a wide range of carefully curated, eco-friendly, reusable, and sustainable products. If you are looking for plastic-free products in particular, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the majority of &Keep’s products are plastic-free. Where there is plastic, &Keep like to ensure it’s the BPA-free kind and kept to an absolute minimum.

What’s more, all of &Keep’s products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. And for extra eco points, all of their packaging is always completely plastic-free and uses recycled materials.  &Keep also regularly donate to environmental causes and charitable organisations that work far beyond their reach.

Sign up to their newsletter and receive 10% off your first order.


Content beauty's ethical product

Content* sells a thoughtfully sourced selection of natural and organic beauty brands. Their collection of beauty products avoids many controversial skincare ingredients. These ingredients Content avoids are listed here, as there are simply too many to mention in this space! What’s more, none of the brands they stock test their products on animals, nor do they instruct anyone to do so on their behalf.  It’s reassuring to know that you are in safe hands when you buy from Content, and that they’ve done all the hard work for you.

And it’s not just beauty products that Content sells. You’ll also find departments selling ethical clothing, vintage clothing, recycled and handcrafted jewellery, fairtrade and vegan shoes, books, and zero waste living products. It’s a veritable one-stop shop!

Sign up to Content’s weekly newsletter and get 15% off your first order when you spend over £40. 

Big Green Smile

From make-up and beauty products to natural cleaners and baby care, Big Green Smile* is one of the biggest online retailers of natural, organic cruelty-free, and eco-friendly products in the UK. I stop by Big Green Smile particularly when I’m looking to buy bulk products, such as washing up liquid or soap. I find the prices really reasonable and they often run great promotions.


If it’s books that you are after then Bookshop.org* is the place to go as an ethical and eco-friendly alternative to Amazon. Bookshop.org is an online bookshop that, unlike Amazon, has a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.

You can shop your local bookshop, or shop from a specific local bookshop to support, and they’ll receive the full profit from your order. If you don’t have a specific store in mind that you’d like to support, then your order will contribute to an earnings pool that will be evenly distributed among independent bookshops. In fact, Bookshop.org give away over 75% of their profit margin to stores, publications, and authors.

What’s more, they’re a certified B-Corp. This means that Bookshop.org meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


sustainable alternatives to Amazon

EcoWareMarket** is a new online marketplace that connects consumers with eco-friendly suppliers, manufacturers, brands, and artists from across the UK and Europe.

Featuring a growing inventory of UK or EU-made eco-friendly clothing and accessories, stationery, toys, hygiene and beauty products, kitchenware, and more, it’s a great place to look for your daily essentials. You can also find unique items here, like toys made from residual sugar cane waste.

As it is a marketplace, you can connect directly with suppliers, making it easier to find the products you are looking for. As EcoWareMarket is new, do keep a lookout for its growing product range.

Sign up to the EcoWareMarket mailing list, and take 10% off your first order.

Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore*, one of the original stalwarts of the ethical and eco-friendly shopping scene, sells a massive range of eco products. From fair trade, organic, vegan, and eco-friendly products in practically every category you could ever imagine – from clothing, to toys, to food, to cleaning products and more. The sheer range of ethical products makes them a really strong sustainable and eco-friendly Amazon alternative.

What’s reassuring is that each item sold at Ethical Superstore adheres to at least one of Ethical Superstore’s seven key ethics. These are:

  • fair trade
  • organic
  • eco-friendly
  • supports education, health & wellness
  • is locally produced
  • or supports charitable causes.

It would be easy to be overwhelmed by choice. Thankfully Ethical Superstore allows you to shop by product ethics. Here you can filter products by a huge number of ethics to find the products that suit you.

I use them for buying household staples and am always impressed by their use of recycled and repurposed packaging.

Good Club

Good Club zero-waste delivery service

Do you use Amazon to do your store cupboard food shop? Then try Good Club* as an ethical alternative. I have used their services a couple of times now to buy ethical and organic store cupboard staples. I am always really impressed with their reasonable pricing, and their delivery service. Here your order is delivered in reusable boxes, which you empty and then place outside your house. The boxes are then collected the next day for reuse. You don’t even need to be at home.

And even better, Good Club also offers a zero-waste food delivery service. Here you can stock up on dried bulk items such as pasta, rice, oats, and more. These come in canisters that you decant into your own jars and then return to Good Club for reuse. Genius!

New customers use the discount code AW10 to enjoy free delivery and £10 off your first order. 

Oxfam Online

The eco-friendliest option is always to shop second-hand. Thankfully Oxfam Online* makes shopping second-hand easy. Here you can pick up a multitude of items – from ladies, gents, and kid’s clothing and accessories – to books, music, collectibles, and more.

Oxfam online makes a great sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to Amazon. This is because as well as their massive secondhand inventory, you can also shop their Sourced by Oxfam range online. This is a collection of eco-friendly cleaning products, fairtrade food items, ethical gifts and more, that help you live more sustainably. All profits also support Oxfam’s work helping to end poverty.


Eco-friendly alternatives to Amazon

Wearth* is an online marketplace partnering with eco-friendly and ethical UK brands. They sell a huge range of eco-friendly products, such as zero-waste products, ethical fashion products, sustainable toiletries, and more. If you are facing decision fatigue, then you can shop from each department by your values. Simply tick the boxes that match your values, such as plastic-free, refillable, made in the UK, vegan-friendly, and more. You are then only served eco-products that match your ethics.

Read more on my write-up of Wearth.

Came across any other great sustainable alternatives to Amazon that you would recommend? Do let me know!

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9 of the Best Recycled Swimwear Brands Tackling Plastic Pollution

organic basics swimsuit made from recycled ocean plastic

Looking for recycled swimwear made from plastic bottles? I’ve got nine ethical brands right this way for you that are making waves by tackling plastic pollution, as well as High St alternatives.

Swimwear has been an incredibly tricky market to make more environmentally friendly. The reason being that it’s not possible to make plastic-free swimwear, without going back to the woolen swimsuits of yesteryear. These got very heavy as soon as you got in the water, and the swimsuit or shorts failed to hold their shape and had a tendency to fall down. As soon as manmade fabrics came along, such as polyester and nylon, that were more elasticated and durable, wool was quickly cast aside.

Since then, swimwear hasn’t changed much. As such, only until the last couple of years really, the ethical swimwear market was a poor show, related only to swimsuits made in the UK. Although it’s not currently possible to avoid plastic in swimwear, there are now more sustainable options. The main one being swimwear made from recycled plastic.

I think in time, a natural plastic-free alternative will be developed with those key qualities that we need. However, for now, if you’re looking for sustainable swimwear, then recycled is your key criteria.

The Best Recycled Swimwear Brands

The good news is that there are now lots of sustainable swimwear brands out there, catering to men, women and children. Here are my top tips of the swimwear brands tackling ocean plastic, and making recycled look cool.

This price guide is: £ = Under £50 | ££ = £50 – 100 | £££ = £100+

In order to help support the running costs of Moral Fibres, this post contains affiliate links, denoted by *. Moral Fibres may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to readers, on items that have been purchased through those links. This income helps keep this site running.


Batoko recycled plastic swimwear

Price: ££

Caters for UK sizes 6 – 20

Batoko is a small independent swimwear brand based on the North West coast of England. They create swimwear that is made from recycled plastic waste. These swimsuits are fun and flattering, and suitable for wild swimming, swimming in the sea, or just lazing by the pool. And your order will arrive free of individual plastics and wrapping. 

As a small business, Batoko consciously keeps its swimwear collection small and simple. This way of working allows Batoko to focus on the longevity of each design and ensures that they never over-produce. Keeping small also means that their supply chain is small. This means that Batoko can better ensure that the people making their swimwear remain safe, happy, and fairly paid.

What’s more, every year a proportion of Batoko’s profits goes to grassroots organisations and communities that are action-based within their specific expertise and niche. For example, they have donated to the National Lobster Hatchery in Cornwall, which is helping to save the European Lobster from collapse.

Davy J

Davy J swimwear

Price: £££

Caters for UK sizes 6 – 18

Davy J’s swimwear is made from ECONYL® – a regenerated nylon. This is a high-performance fabric that’s created using ocean waste, such as discarded fishing nets, and post-industrial plastic, and even old carpets.

As well as being made from recycled plastic, Davy J’s swimwear is also designed to last longer. A double-lined, high elastane composition provides extra strength, durability, and shape.

Davy J is also aiming to build a closed-loop resource system, where you can return your swimwear at the end of its life for recycling, so do keep an eye out for that.

Deakin & Blue

Deakin and blue swimsuit

Price: £££

Caters for UK sizes 8 – 24 (cup sizes AA – HH)

All of Deakin & Blue’s stylish swimwear is made from ECONYL®. What’s more, their swimwear is UK-made, in London, in a studio that prides itself on premium craftsmanship in a safe working environment.

Deakin & Blue also works with Oeko-Tex certified suppliers, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers and partners who pay fairly, use chemicals safely and minimise waste where possible.

Because Deakin & Blue believe that no two “size 12” bodies are the same, they have developed a unique sizing system to offer a great fit, whatever your shape or size. There are three styles of swimwear catering from sizes 8 to 24. One style specifically caters to AA – B cup busts, another caters to C – E cups, and the other caters to F – HH cup sizes. What’s more, they can customise any of their swimwear (free of charge) to fit a post-mastectomy prosthetic. 

Fletch & Mills

Price: £ – ££

Caters for UK sizes 8 – 16 (women’s) and S – XL (men’s)

If you have ever dreamed of matching your family at the beach or swimming pool, then take a look at Fletch & Mills*. Here you can get matching swimwear for fathers and sons, and new for 2021, mothers and daughters too. These are handmade in recycled polyester.


frugi swimsuit

Price: £

Caters for UK sizes 8 – 18

If it’s maternity swimwear that you are looking for then the good news is that these come in recycled plastic versions too! Ethical kidswear brand Frugi* has a small but perfectly formed maternity swimwear range. Not only is it made from Repreve, a high-performance recycled polyester fabric that’s made from plastic bottles, but it also offers a high 50+ UV protection factor.

Frugi also offer recycled plastic swimwear for kids*, catering from newborns to age 10.

In both cases, do note that some of their older stock isn’t made from recycled plastic bottles. Look out for the green logo on each product.

Lemonade Sky

Price: £ – ££

Caters for UK sizes 8 – 20++

Lemonade Sky* is a London-based sustainable start-up boutique clothing brand born from the frustration of never being able to find trendy, comfortable, high-quality products that fit fuller busts properly, while also being suitable for those smaller-chested. As such, they design for up to an H cup.

All of Lemonade Sky’s products, including their swimwear, are handmade locally from eco-friendly fabrics like recycled plastic bottles. Lemonade Sky’s seamstresses are paid a fair living wage, and their packaging is plastic-free.

Lemonade Sky also gives back – including to charities that support equal rights and treatment for women, the LGBTQIA+ community, and the Black community.

Organic Basics

Organic basics recycled swimwear

Price: £ – ££

Caters for UK sizes XS – XL

Organic Basics stylishly simple Re-Swim line*, catering for both men and women, is made to the highest ethical standards with recycled plastic from oceans and landfills. This plastic is regenerated from industrial plastic, fabric scraps, plastic ocean waste, and ghost-nets in the sea.

Their range is PETA vegan approved, and Organic Basics offer free CO2 neutral worldwide shipping. What’s more, products ship in plastic-free packaging.

Use discount code WENDYOBC to take 10% off your order.

RubyMoon Swim

Price: ££

Caters for UK sizes 6 – 20

RubyMoon* is a sustainable swimwear and activewear brand for women. As well as their collection being ethically manufactured and made from sustainable materials, RubyMoon also helps women set up and grow businesses across the globe. Here, 100% of the net profits generated by RubyMoon are lent out as small loans, to empower women entrepreneurs in eleven nations.

RubyMoon makes their swimwear from ECONYL® nylon yarn from used fishing nets and other waste material from the Mediterranean, Aegean & North Seas. Their swimwear is also PETA-Approved Vegan and Oeko-Tex certified. What I also like is that their swimsuits come with a hidden ‘shelf bra’ for extra support for those with larger chests.


Price: ££

Caters for UK sizes: S – L

If you are looking for swimwear that’s less for swimming in, and more for lounging beside a pool, cocktail in hand, then Seasoon’s swimwear* is the one for you. Their swimwear is definitely more on the design-led side of things. However, Seasoon’s swimwear is made from Carvico – a fabric made using ECONYL® yarn. Carvico resists the action of sunscreen, as well as sunlight, repeated washings, sea, and chlorinated water. This means it will look better for longer.

Stitson Studio

Price: ££

Caters for UK sizes 8 – 12

Stidston Studio’s swimwear* is made from ECONYL® using sustainable and environmentally focused manufacturing techniques. Their swimwear is designed, cut, and sewn in Devon in small batches to ensure that product waste is kept to a minimum. They also avoid designing products with specific print placements as this creates a lot of fabric wastage. Instead, they use solid colours or repeat prints to reduce waste.   

Recycled Swimwear On the High Street

Recycled swimwear on the high street
Fat Face’s range of recycled swimwear

If your budget doesn’t stretch to ethical recycled swimwear brands, then the good news is that many high street retailers are getting in on the recycled plastic act when it comes to swimwear.

These include:

  • Fat Face. However, do note that not all of their swimwear is made from recycled plastic. You need to specifically look for the tag that says “made with recycled materials”.
  • White Stuff*. Many of White Stuff’s swimwear is made from a recycled plastic called Repreve.
  • Boden. All of Boden’s swimwear appears to be made from recycled nylon.
  • Speedo. Speedo offers a wide range of swimwear, for men, women and children, all made from recycled yarns.
  • Roxy. This surfwear brand offers a huge range of women’s swimwear, in a variety of styles, all made from recycled nylon.

Does Recycled Swimwear Release Microplastic?

So this is the really key question. Yes, like regular swimwear, recycled swimwear does release microplastic. It’s definitely not a silver bullet to the microplastic problem.

If you’re not aware of the microplastic issue then microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic that are shed every time we wash synthetic clothing. It also comes from a variety of other sources, such as sunscreen and cosmetics, but also from industrial sources too. Microplastics end up in the food and drink that we consume, and ultimately end up in our bodies, where scientists are currently not sure what the long-term effects of this may be.

One solution at the individual level is to wash your swimwear in a product that catches microplastic, such as a Guppyfriend*. I’m more of a fan of interventions at the governmental and manufacturer level, as I don’t think this should be an issue for individuals to shoulder the responsibility or cost of. Continuing to press on the Government for action on microplastics is therefore key.

Other things you can do to help release microplastic release from your swimwear is to gently hand wash your swimsuit in cold water, rather than machine washing it.

Guide to ethical swimwear made from recycled plastic

Image in header used courtesy of Organic Basics