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Ethical Womens Underwear

where can I buy ladies ethical underwear uk

‘Where can I buy ethical womens underwear?’ is one of my most asked questions by Moral Fibres readers, so I thought I’d put together a roundup of some of the options out there today.  Guys, don’t feel left out, I have written a men’s ethical underwear post just for you!

When buying clothing I would normally always suggest buying secondhand where possible.  However, the thought of wearing secondhand undies makes me feel a little green (and NOT in the eco sense!), so it’s one area where you have my full consent to buy brand new.

The ethical underwear market sells more than just large, white granny pants, like you might imagine.  All of the ethical underwear featured here today is fun, modern and sexy, as well as practical.

Women’s Ethical Underwear

ethical ladies knickers ciel liberty print

Ciel sell the most beautiful Liberty print knickers, from £24.  With a rigorous ethical policy you can be sure that your pants are as ethical as they come.

stylish ethical bras

Saumarez make some really sexy underwear, which will challenge any preconceptions you may have of ethical underwear.  This Mya bra (left, £10) is both sexy and sophisticated, while this Nicola bra (right, £40) is full on fun.  They also have some great knickers.

2017 edit – Saumarez appear to have ceased trading.

ladies ethical knickers uk luva huva

Luva Huva have a great collection of fun and modern everyday ethical knickers.  A triple set of knickers is currently £28, including the bottom left pair.  The purple Juliet knickers are £14 and the cute frilly ones are £16.  They do sell bras but they are don’t seem to come in different sizes according to your back size, which for some might be a sticking point.

stylish sexy ethical knickers

Who Made Your Pants buy their fabric from lingerie companies at the end of the season – saving the fabric from landfill.  All pants are made in the UK – in Southampton – where all the makers are women who have come from troubled backgrounds.  They say that the first job new employees learn is how to make the pants.  They then hope that all jobs within the business can be filled by the women as they gain skills – if someone is interested in marketing or finance, they”ll arrange training, which I think is a fantastic business ethos.  Pants range from around £12.50 a pair, and Moral Fibres readers can get 10% with discount code ‘MORALFIBRES‘. 

2016 edit: sadly Who Made Your Pants have stopped trading.

Also worth mentioning are Thunderpants UK, who sell lovely big ethical pants.  Thunderpants say their pants will not go up your bum, which we all appreciate in a pant!

ethical nursing maternity bra

And finally, for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers Lorna Drew nursing bras, available from around £29, are practical and ethical, and expand over three cup sizes to accommodate your changing shape, making them great value too.

2017 edit – Lorna Drew appear to have ceased trading.

If you’re a DD+ cup size like me (thanks pregnancy and breastfeeding) then I am afraid I don’t think there is such a thing an ethical plus size bra.  Despite a lot of searching I have not found one yet, and my best advice is to spend as much money as you can afford on a well made comfortable bra, and get properly fitted for it by a professional to ensure the longevity of your purchase.  I buy all of mine from Marks and Spencer because I know they fit, are supportive and comfortable and last.  In my youth I tried cheaper bras from Topshop and inevitably they barely lasted a few months.  I also memorably bought one from Primark that lasted one wear as when I washed it the underwiring popped right out!


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Save Energy With One Simple Step #6

Is it just me or has Thursday rolled around quick this week?  I have a grumpy teething toddler on my hands, which is as fun as it sounds, so we’ve doing lots to try and distract her from the pain.  Watching horses in the field by our house seems to have mystical soothing properties, let me tell you!

Anyway, I digress, it’s Thursday and that means it’s time to share another energy saving tip.  This one doesn’t have much impact just now, in summer, but come winter you’ll thank me for it:

best ways to save energy

Tip number six: rearrange your furniture.

If your sofa or any other bulky item of furniture is in front of your radiator then it will absorb a high percentage of the heat being emitted from your radiator.  This means you’ll have to run your heating for longer for your room to warm up.  So move your sofa away from your radiator, at least in the months when you’re running your heating anyway.  If your room is quite small and there’s nowhere else for your sofa to go, then moving your sofa a little bit away from the radiator so the heat can circulate a bit more will definitely help.

Hardly groundbreaking I know, but we’re house hunting at the moment and I am continously surprised at the number of homes we’ve looked at online where the sofa is placed in front of the radiator.

Just by moving it a bit you’ll save money, energy, your boiler won’t have to work as hard, and you’ll get a nice warm glow (quite literally) from helping the environment.

I’ll be back next week with another easy energy saving tip!  In the meantime I’ve got a post coming up shortly about ethical undies (ooh la la!) so keep your eyes peeled!  And, if you have any good ways to save energy that you want to share with Moral Fibres readers then email me them on hello (at) and I’ll feature them here!


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