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Shop Ethical Yoga Clothes With Asquith | AD

asquith ethical yoga wear

This post on ethical yoga clothes is paid for content in association with Asquith.

Are you looking to buy ethical yoga clothes or Pilates wear but don’t know where to start? It can be really overwhelming – there is a lot to look for when shopping for ethical clothing. But thankfully Asquith makes shopping for ethically produced and eco-friendly yoga, pilates, and leisure clothing easy.

Asquith produces ethical and stylish clothes for women that are specifically designed to provide comfort whilst you do yoga and Pilates. Their range includes tops, hoodies, bras, t-shirts, leggings, and even jumpsuits, all made from organic cotton and ethically sourced bamboo.

Smooth You Tee (£55) and Chi Culottes (£75)

The performance fabrics naturally wick away sweat and don’t fade, bobble or stretch out of shape. Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about your top riding up whilst doing the downward dog, or your trousers falling down whilst trying to master a Pilates position – Asquith’s clothes have been designed to stay in place during practice. Asquith’s mission, after all, is to create collections that make women feel wonderful.

What I love is that Asquith’s range of clothing doesn’t have to stay in your drawer until you’re practicing yoga or Pilates. They are stylish enough for you to wear as everyday leisurewear, and make for perfect comfortable working from home wear, that would be perfectly acceptable for you to wear on your work Zoom call. Although you might want to cover up a little if you are wearing the bra top!

Why Choose Asquith for Ethical Yoga Clothes?

Asquith’s collection of ethical yoga clothes and pilates wear are responsibly made in Turkey. The factory is GOTS certified. This means it is approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard. This is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria. It’s backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain, so you can shop with confidence.

Rather than stopping there, Asquith has gone further. All the fabrics they use are Oeko-Tex certified. This means the fabrics they use are processed without the use of harmful chemicals in the dyeing and finishing process. This is part of the Oeko-Tex 100 standard – the global testing and accreditation system for the screening of harmful substances within consumer textiles. 

The cruelty-free dyes Asquith uses complies with both the GOTS and Oekotex standards. So although they are not natural dyes, no chemicals in their dyeing process are considered by Oekotex to be toxic, making them a better environmental choice, and a safer choice for the garment workers.


In terms of sizing, Asquith’s yoga bottoms come in three different lengths – short, regular, and long. As someone on the shorter side, and who struggles with the fit of most ethical trousers, it’s really refreshing to see ethical clothing offered in a range of leg lengths. Meanwhile, Asquith caters to sizes 8 to 18. Whilst the differing leg lengths are a really great start, I would really love to see Asquith cater for sizes above an 18. I have asked them about this, and Asquith says they are looking into accommodating larger sizes

If you are in the market for ethical yoga clothes, then do check out Asquith’s website. You can even take 15% off your first order when you sign up to their mailing list. You can also follow Asquith on Instagram and Facebook.

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The Best Ethical Slippers for Cosy Toes

Looking for a pair of eco-friendly or ethical slippers? Good news then, I’ve rounded up my favourites for you!

With all this staying at home, ethical slippers are on my mind.

This winter it feels like staying comfortable and cosy has never been as important as it has now. I was updating my guide to ethical pyjamas and loungewear and my guide to ethical socks and thought why stop here. I, therefore, carried out some research and found some of the best eco-friendly and ethical slippers for both women and men available in the UK right now.

What I’ve found is that much like the ethical clothing market, the ethical slippers market is small. To make things harder, this already small market has been hit by Brexit. Many ethical slipper choices are made in the EU and shipped to the UK. However, because of Brexit, many EU-based retailers have stopped shipping to the UK.

For those EU-based retailers that are still shipping to the UK, import duties must now be paid on purchases from the EU coming into the UK. This means that when you order from the EU you are hit with these hidden charges. As such, for this guide, I’ve focused on what’s accessible within the UK. It therefore might be small, but I’ve managed to cover all bases I hope!

Slipper Ethics

I’m mindful that everyone has different ethics when it comes to clothing and footwear. As such, this guide has been designed to be a starting-off point for you to research the most sustainable option for you.

Some of the slippers I’ve recommended are vegan-friendly. For these, I’ve sourced those made using recycled plastic bottles, rather than virgin plastic. And for those looking for plastic-free slippers, I’ve sourced ethical slippers made considerately using wool, suede, and/or sheepskin. Where sheepskin has been used, I’ve focused on those upcycling byproducts from other industries.

Guide to Ethical Slippers

This post contains affiliate links, denoted by *. This doesn’t affect the price you pay for items or your consumer rights, such as your right to return items.  It just means that I get a very tiny percentage of the sale price if you buy anything via the link.  This helps cover blog costs, such as my web hosting.

Egos Copenhagen

fairtrade slippers uk

Egos wool slippers (£39 – available in the UK from Wild Swans) are ethically made by hand in Nepal by skilled craftswomen. In fact, Egos have been certified by The World Fair Trade Organization.

Each pair takes time and skill to make. As such, each employee can only make 2 pairs of shoes a day. It’s definitely a case of quality over quantity.

The raw wool is dyed with environmentally friendly colors, before being molded into the slipper shape. Another inner layer of felt is then added, for extra comfort. Finally, the outer suede sole is stitched on these incredibly cosy slippers.


Gumbies sustainable slippers

Each pair of Gumbies unisex vegan slippers (£35) are made from recycled plastic derived from post-consumer plastic bottles. In fact, 8 bottles are used to make each pair. What’s more, the soles are even made from recycled rubber.

Rather than stop there, the insoles are made from beans. Yes, beans, you read that correctly! The soft foam Gumbies use for their insoles are made from 100% Castor Bean, a naturally derived material.


ethical slippers uk

Mercredy’s eco-friendly slippers* (£34.95) are handcrafted in Spain using recycled plastic bottles. They use plastic bottles collected from the ocean to create the heavy-duty felt fabric for the slippers. In fact each slipper is made from at least 2 recycled bottles.

This fabric, which is used in both the upper and lining for the slippers is certified 100% recycled by the Global Recycling Standard. What’s more, the sole is made from natural rubber, which is sustainably sourced.

My verdict? Mercredy make for a great pair vegan slippers.


Onaie’s beautiful felt slippers* (£31.49) are made and finished in the Polish Highlands using age-old techniques. Onaie says “we take the ethical manufacture of footwear very seriously. We know our craftswomen, we know their business practices and we work side by side with our suppliers to ensure ongoing ethical, social and environmental compliance.” 

These beautiful slippers would make such a lovely ethical gift idea for someone special, or as a treat to yourself.

The Small Home

guide to eco-friendly and sustainable slippers

The Small Home sells beautiful handmade embroidered slippers. Each unique pair is made from the softest shearling sheepskin, using off-cuts from Rolls Royce car interiors to ensure the highest grade skins and to minimise waste.

The Small Home say “The natural materials we use to make our sheepskin slippers are designed to last and offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to fast fashion. Our hand-stitched sheepskin slippers are an everyday luxury suited to slow, mindful living.”

What Else Can I Do?

The single most eco-friendly choice of slippers are the ones you already have. If your existing pair have started to wear out, why not look at how you can repair them?

Learning some basic techniques to repair holes and tears is a great first step. Another useful tool for fixing slippers, depending on what they are made of, is Sugru. I’m obsessed with it!

Beyond your own ethical choices you can also help to engender change on the High St. One way you can do this is to ask High St brands who make their clothes (see Fashion Revolution for their great resources).  This will help press for transparency and sustainability on the High Street. 

Even if you can’t afford to shop for ethical slippers, you can also support the brands that align with your values.  Even if you can’t afford to purchase ethical alternatives, you can also like, comment on, and share their social media posts to help boost their exposure.