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Home December 15, 2014 posted by

Charity Shop Style – Lesley’s Gorgeous Home

Charity Shop Style – Lesley’s Gorgeous Home

I stumbled across the home of printmaker Lesley Greening Lassoff the other day, and fell in love with it’s charity shop style.

Lesley has furnished her home mainly with charity shop, eBay and car boot finds.  This decision was partly borne out of necessity as Lesley says “When I was furnishing the house I didn’t have much money, but it was an enjoyable challenge“, however it was partly as a stand against consumerism as she adds “I don’t like buying new, and I enjoy having a rummage or a forage in charity shops“.

Lesley’s home has come together beautifully and I love the relaxed and cosy feel of her house – doesn’t the living room make you want to pour yourself a steaming cup of tea and curl up in the armchair with a good book?  Just me?!

charity shop style parker knoll chairhouse furnished with secondhand furnituresecondhand house

Thanks to Lesley I’ve now added Parker Knoll armchairs to my charity shop watch list!

The kitchen is vintage lover’s treat too: string shelves, Hornsea pottery and chequerboard floor tiles ahoy!

chequerboard floor tilesstring shelves

Her bedroom continues with the vintage furniture vibe, but it doesn’t feel loud or overpowering:

2nd hand furniture secondhand style blog

You can see the full house tour and read more details about Lesley’s beautiful home on Apartment Therapy.

All photos c/o Rebecca Bond / Apartment Therapy

ps: you can find more house tours like this here, here and here.  I’m not sure which is my favourite!

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    Uncategorized December 14, 2014 posted by

    Four Homemade Hair Masks You Can Make Today


    This guest post is in association with The Chapel .  Please see my disclosure policy for further details.

    Whenever our hair looks like it’s in need of a little pick-me-up, the first thing many of us do is take a trip to the local chemist and load our baskets with products that promise to be the next best thing in hair care.

    But, did you know that some of the most effective hair masks can actually be made using natural products found around your home?  Whatever your hair dilemma – be it oily, dry, frizzy or dull locks – a quick search in your kitchen cupboards may hold the solution.

    Here are a few homemade hair masks you can make today:

    Read More

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      Fashion December 12, 2014 posted by

      Your Ethical Style: Victoria Haynes

      Your Ethical Style: Victoria Haynes

      I‘m so excited by today’s Your Ethical Style – it comes to you from one of my favourite bloggers, Vicky from the blog The Owl and the Accordion.  Portsmouth based Vicky blogs about her fab thrifty secondhand finds, as well as her crafty endeavours, and her beautiful home.  The girl’s got style!  Give it a read – you’ll instantly be hooked!

      Over to Vicky!

      Hi Vicky, can you share with us three facts about you?

      1.  I can’t cook, at all.  My repertoire includes pasta, shepherds pie, bolognese, soup and stews and omelettes.  Enough to get by, but I’ll never be hosting a dinner party, let’s put it that way!

      2.  I’m a total Radio 4 addict: The Archers, Woman’s Hour, the Afternoon Play, Book at Bedtime…  Heck, even the shipping forecast!

      3.  I can’t drive, and at the grand old age of 31 have just filled out the form to renew my provisional license.  Embarrassing!

      charity shop outfit
      Tops – charity shop / Jeans – Monkee Genes

      Where are your favourite places to shop for ethical clothing?
      I don’t really have the budget for ethical clothing brands, so I usually just shop in charity shops or on eBay.  I think if you’re clever about it, you can find pretty much everything you need on there.  Most of the kids clothes come from eBay as well.  I’ve found so many things that were brand new or barely used, and children are in clothes for such a short time that it makes sense to buy them second-hand.

      What’s the last ethical item that you bought?
      I’m not sure if it particularly counts as ethical, but I bought a dress from the Reclaimed Vintage section on ASOS a couple of weeks ago.  It is black velvet with a little lace peter pan collar, and it’s just perfect for winter with some lovely coloured tights, a chunky cardigan and Doc Martens!
      skirt made from a shirt
      A shirt that Vicky made into a skirt!

      Is there anything ethical or secondhand that you are lusting over at the moment?
      I love pretty much everything on the Lowie website, and I’m really hoping I get some of their Turkish Socks for Christmas.  I love the French Farm Print Midi Skirt as well, but I think that’s a bit out of Santa’s budget this year!

      Do you have a top tip for shopping ethically?
      Shopping in ethical places is expensive – there’s no getting away from it.  The fact is that for everyone involved to be paid a decent wage, and the materials to be sourced responsibility, then the final garment price is going to be more costly than your average high street top.  I tend to look during sales – which basically means buying summer dresses while the temperature plummets and then stocking up on knitwear once spring arrives!  If you really can’t afford to shop ethically (and let’s face it, a lot of people can’t), definitely get involved with charity shops, clothes swaps and eBay.
      vintage outfit
      Shirt – thrifted / Skirt – eBay / Jumper – Marks & Spencer

      Is there anything you find difficult about shopping ethically?
      Absolutely – the amount of times I’ve spent months searching for something specific on eBay and in the charity shops and then found it in the window of Primark for pennies is ridiculous.  Resisting the urge of fast, cheap fashion is difficult – I’m not even going to pretend that it isn’t!

      Where do you get your style inspiration from?
      All sorts of places – vintage style blogs, old films, crazy old ladies with fur coats and fancy hats, other bloggers, markets and charity shops.

      What is your best secondhand or ethical find ever?
      Without a doubt my vintage mustard coat with a fabulous fur collar.  I found it on eBay for £25 and I literally love everything about it.  I’d been looking for one for years, and then it just appeared one day.  Nobody else even bid on it, I couldn’t believe it!  A couple of times I’ve thought about selling it, because I don’t wear it as much as I could – but I can never actually commit to letting it go!
      vintage mustard coat
      The coat!

      What would be your ultimate thrifted find?
      I liberated a G-Plan coffee table from a skip outside someone’s house once – it’s not clothing, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it!

      Finally Vicky,  can you share three ethical style tips with us?
      1. Get involved with charity shops: visit them regularly, as they have a pretty high stock turnover, make notes of which shops have the best selections and make friends with the staff – that way, you can ask politely if they could keep certain things for you if they come in.

      2. Read up on ethical style issues.  Lucy Siegle wrote an excellent book (To Die For <-affiliate link) which is a really good, simple introduction to the issues behind fast fashion, and the Ethical Consumer website is a great resource as well.  Once you start reading, it’ll naturally lead on to other books, websites and magazines.

      3. Learn basic sewing skills – being able to take up a hem, take in a waistline or even just do some simple mending means that secondhand or sale items which might not be in the right size or best condition can become one of your most treasured pieces.
      customised leather jacket
      Vicky in a thrifted leather jacket which she customised with studs.

      Thanks for taking part Vicky!  You can follow Vicky’s blog, The Owl and the Accordion, and find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  New to Moral Fibres?  You can also check out the other Your Ethical Style posts!

      Do you want to share your ethical style with Moral Fibres readers?  Whatever your age, sex, size, style, budget or location I’d love to feature you to show that ethical fashion is for everyone!  Get in touch via moralfibres@gmail.com to take part in Your Ethical Style!  There are no barriers to taking part – you don’t have to be a blogger to be featured!

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