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Green Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration

I’ve got a great guest post for you today that will hopefully give you lots of green bathroom inspiration if you’re considering refurbishing the smallest room in your house.  It’s been written for Moral Fibres readers by Rebecca Moore, who is currently studying for a degree in interior design.

Rebecca has particular interest in eco-friendly design and says growing up on Hayling Island, with it’s beautiful surroundings, sparked her interest in eco-friendly design.  Rebecca is looking to start her blogging journey whilst she studies, so is dipping her toes into the world of green blogging with this green bathroom post for Moral Fibres .

green bathroom ideas

Being eco-friendly has a lot more history than most of us know!  Believe it or not, the environmental movement can be traced back as far as 1830’s America, but didn’t begin to gain public recognition until around 1903, when Teddy Roosevelt made a visit to Yosemite National park in California and the US Government began to take preservation action.  Widespread public recognition of the need to protect the environment didn’t really occur until the 1960’s though, when Rachel Carson published her seminal book Silent Spring, about the damaging effects of agricultural chemicals.  This raised public awareness massively, and between the 1960’s and 1990’s we saw various ‘acts’ put in place and the start of some radical movements such as PETA and Green Peace.

Fast forward to 2015 and the environmental movement has stood the test of time, proving to those who have doubted it that it isn’t just a ‘trend’ or a form of hysteria but an important crusade that is slowly but surely integrating itself into our daily lives and in more recent years, our homes.

The bathroom is one room in the household that is used most frequently and it is common to overindulge in water and energy!  But fear not, it IS possible to create a green bathroom, and lower your consumption while creating an elegant and enviable space.  The green attitude of ‘Generation Y’ have forced the luxury bathroom industry to comply, and it is an easier task than it once was to find beautiful fixtures and fittings whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

red metal clawfoot bath tub

Photo by Adi Tatarko via Decoist

Baths are one of the biggest statement pieces of furniture you will find in any bathroom, and in modern times acrylic has over taken steel in retail sales.  However, buying a steel bath is the option with more eco-friendly credentials.  A raw natural material, steel is not only 100% recyclable when it comes to the end of its life but is a far ‘greener’ option in its production compared to acrylic.  Steel doesn’t exhale environmentally harmful waste products into our precious environment during the manufacturing process like its acrylic counter parts.  Although steel baths are invariably more expensive, there are some beautiful styles out there that will create a real ‘wow’ factor, regardless of the size of the room.

Not only that, but a steel bath can aid you in reducing your water and electricity consumption due to its conductive powers.  Initially cold to the touch, once you fill your bath with hot water, it will stay warmer for far longer and will eliminate the need to top up throughout your soak.

Flooring and wall coverings are another great way to inject your personality whilst upholding your green bathroom standards.  Natural or sustainable materials much as glass (made from recycled bottles), and cork are becoming increasingly popular as interior designers are having to seek out materials that are eco-friendly for their carbon-conscious clients.

Sheet metal is another industrial material that it becoming a popular design trend this year.  Shimmering and highly stylish – sheet metal is predicted to grow rapidly in popularity for both those wanting to create distinctly designed spaces and those wanting to create an eco-friendly surrounding.  Meanwhile corrugated steel is having a bit of a moment in bathrooms.

corrugated iron bathroom

Photo by Sandberg Schoffel Architects via Decorfox.

If metal isn’t to your taste, and you want to go down the traditional bathroom tile route then there are some greener tile options out there too.  Recently thrust into the limelight by house and home guru, Kevin McCloud, Eco Friendly Tiles are the first Carbon Neutral Company in the UK to offer innovative and quality products that are sourced ethically.

When it comes to water, although it is widely known that showers use less water than baths, you can still use between 40-60 litres per shower.  Water saving showers and faucets have been around for some time now and are the number one way for the modern family to save water in the bathroom.  Some of the newer models even claim to save you over £150 per year on water and heating bills.

If you are re-designing your green bathroom on a budget, or, if you already have the suite of your dreams, it is actually possible to make your dream bathroom eco-friendly by simply changing your existing shower head to a flow regulated shower head, rather than replacing the whole shower system.  The buzz words to look out for when choosing your shower heads are ‘Aircore Technology’ and ‘Flow Regulator’.

Another easy way to go green in the bathroom is to switch to LED lighting.  LED lights typically use 85% less energy than standard light bulbs, and can last up to 25 years, making them a great green bathroom option.  Look for lights suitable for use in Zone 1 if you plan on installing them inside a shower, or Zone 2 if you plan on installing them above a shower or bath.

recycled glass bathroom accessories

Photo by Rail19 via Etsy.

When it comes to every girl’s favourite topic – accessories! – there are a range of stylish bathroom accessories available made from natural and recycled materials, such as coconut husk, bamboo, resin and recycled glass accessories.  With such a wide range of products available it will be no problem making sure that your green bathroom theme can be carried on throughout your whole bathroom.

Some will argue that the term ‘eco–chic’ is a widespread marketing strategy, but in reality it is the latest shift in the environmentalist movement; with the emerging trends in eco-friendly fashion for the house and home, being ‘green’ is now resonating with a far wider audience and making it a much more viable trend to bring into every room in the home.

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    ethical clothing sale UK

    Ethical Clothing Sale News!

    ethical clothing sale UK

    This post contains affiliate links, denoted by *

    I’ve got some great ethical clothing sale news for you today.  I love shopping in the ethical clothing sales – my clothing budget isn’t large by any means and so sale shopping is a great affordable way to shop for ethical clothing.  I keep a list of basics and things I really need and so when sale time swings around I have a good look to see if there’s anything I really really need (as opposed to just want).

    People Tree* are having a fantastic ethical clothing sale right now.  Currently their sale range is up to 40% off and you can take an extra 10% off with the exclusive discount code MFSALE10 too, which is just for Moral Fibres readers!  Don’t say I’m not good to you!!

    ethical clothing sale

    Shop some of my favourite People Tree sale picks:

    Rain Drop Tee* (£18.90, was £30); Tamara Frill Top* (£18.90, was £36); Juliette Dress* (£45.90, was £85) (you might recognise this dress from this post!); and finally the Marilyn Black Dress* (£37.80, was £85). The sale prices quoted are with the use of the Moral Fibres discount code.

    Nomads Clothing are also having an ethical clothing sale right now, with items up to 70% off.  And for Moral Fibres readers they are doing a special 20% off with the discount code BLOG20.  Please note the code is not valid on some sale items.

    sale clothing

    Shop some of my favourite Nomads picks:

    Pocket Dress (£52, was £62.50); Long Sleeve T-Shirt (£24, was £30); Pocket Cardigan (£40, was £50); Jersey T-Shirt (£24, was £30).  Again, prices quoted are after the Moral Fibres discount has been applied.

    Other retailers also holding an ethical clothing sale right now are Bibico, Braintree Clothing and Seasalt.  Here are some of my favourites:

    ethical clothing sale picks

    Top Row:

    Penelope Floral Skirt from Bibico (£34, was £49.00) / Sailor Jumper from Bibico (£39, was £65) / Trenython Top from Seasalt (£33, was £55); Saskia Dress* from Braintree Clothing (£19.95, was £59.90)

    Bottom Row:

    Cookworthy Dress from Seasalt (£29, was £39.95) / Lenora Skirt from Seasalt (£27, was £55); Anchor Top from Seasalt (£17, was £35); Paisley Park Dress* from Braintree Clothing (£19.95, was £49.90)

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      urtekram shampoo

      Organic Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

      This post contains affiliate links, denoted by *

      Hello hello!  Life has completely got in the way of blogging right now – between my work and work on my house my blogging has fallen a little by the wayside.  I’m hoping to rectify that after the summer, but for the time being posting will be a little light.   Today though I thought I’d pop in with a few organic beauty products that I’m really loving right now, that I think you will too!

      Some of the organic beauty products are old favourites and some are new to me, but all work so well!

      green people vita min fix review

      Green People’s Vita Min Fix Cream* (£15.95 and free delivery) is hands down the best day moisturiser I’ve found.  One small application leaves my skin beautifully soft and moisturised without feeling heavy, oily or sticky, and makes a lovely base for make-up.   I’ve been using it since the start of April and couldn’t be happier – I had some red dry skin patches on my cheeks which cleared up within a week of using the cream, and skin is noticeably much softer.  I honestly think it works better than creams more than double it’s price, and the Vita Min Fix cream has the advantage that it’s 89% organic and vegan friendly.  Double word score!

      To be honest £15.95 is a bit higher than I like to pay for moisturiser but I’m still using the bottle I purchased in April, and it’s still going strong .  There’s at least another month’s worth of moisturiser still in the pump so it feels pretty good value for money, especially with the difference it makes to my skin.

      urtekram shampoo

      Since April I’ve also started using the Urtekram range of organic haircare products.  I’ve only recently came across Danish brand, Urtekram, but I’ve really been enjoying their products.  So much so that the whole family has been using them.  I’ve been enjoying the Rose Shampoo and Rose Conditioner, my partner has enjoyed the Nettle Shampoo, and I’ve been using the Children’s Shampoo on my daughter!

      I’ve been picking bottles up locally at Real Foods in Edinburgh, where it’s only £4.99 a bottle, but they are also available online from Real Foods (free shipping on orders over £29) and a few other sites on the internet.  Admittedly the percentage of organic ingredients is quite low – around 14% organic – but the ingredients are all natural (in plain English too, which is always appreciated!) with no nasties.  In the case of the Rose Shampoo it is made of water, vegetable oil products, corn sugar soap, aloe vera, glycerine, rose flower extract, rose geranium oil, salt, polysaccharide, citric acid, perfume (plant extract), vitamin E, and that’s it.   They’re all vegan friendly too!  The Urtekram range leaves our hair soft and non-greasy and beautifully smelling and gets a big thumbs up in our house!

      organic sunscreen

      So far Summer hasn’t been very forthcoming in our corner of Scotland (come on sun!) but I have been carrying Green People’s factor 15 organic sunscreen* (£12.99 and free delivery) around in my handbag for the odd occasion when the sun has had his hat on.  82% of it’s ingredients are certified organic, and it’s great on sensitive skin – including my daughter’s young skin.  Although a note to vegans – it’s not vegan friendly, as it contains beeswax.

      I reapply regularly (every hour) and it’s offered us fantastic skin protection.  Green People sent me a bottle of this last year to try out and I enjoyed it so much I repurchased it locally in early spring when it ran out!  I’m not worried about it being Factor 15 – if anything it makes me more aware of the need to reapply regularly.  With Factor 50 I get quite complacent as I’m quite bad for putting it on once in the morning and being fooled into thinking I’m protected all day.  The truth is even with Factor 50 you need to be topping up your sunscreen regularly.

      I’m quite low maintenance when it comes to beauty products, so these are my top organic beauty products for now!  Do you have any organic beauty products that you swear by?  Do share in the comments below!

      organic beauty products


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