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Pinning This Month

I’ve been busy pinning on Pinterest this month and I wanted to share my favourites that I’ve shared on there in case you’re not a Pinterest convert (yet!).  I say yet because my partner has just become a Pinterest convert!  After years of saying he just doesn’t get it he’s only just gone and set up his own Pinterest board and is now happily pinning pictures of his dream fish tanks (he loves his fish!), saying that he finally gets it!

Mini Avocado and Hummus Quesadilla

avocado hummus quesadila
I pinned this avocado and hummus quesadilla recipe on to my vegetarian cooking board, only to find the link doesn’t work – but fear not, I tracked down the original recipe here. I don’t know about you, but I feel hungry just looking at this!

Bottle Candlesticks

bottle candlesticks
So, these bottle candlesticks are probably a) a Christmas thing and b) a bridal thing, but I love the look of these.  I’m going to have to find a way to incorporate these into my life!

Potting Shed and Greenhouse

potting shed and greenhouse
This potting shed/greenhouse is just stunning.  Our allotment doesn’t allow you to erect a shed, let alone a potting shed come greenhouse, but a girl can dream!

A beautiful dining room
william morris wallpaper
I pinned this beautiful dining room belong to Lou Archell of the blog Little Green Shed.  As well as having serious William Morris wallpaper envy I love her mix of secondhand furniture and accessories.

Growing lemon plants from seeds
lemon plant from seed
We grew a lemon plant from seed several years ago but sadly the plant died before getting very big (to be fair, we were living in a big draughty Edinburgh tenement in a really cold winter).  But this pin reminded that it’s so easy so we fished out the seeds from the lemon we used on Pancake Day, and have planted them up and are on the go right now!  Because we live in Scotland and don’t enjoy a Mediterranean climate (far from it – there was snow this week!) we don’t plant them outside – just keep them as houseplants.  This bad boy has been repinned 49 times (?!).

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    russian dolls

    February Roundup

    How was your February?  For us this month has mostly involved house hunting and the paperwork involved in selling our house, and decluttering all the junk from our house that we don’t want to move.  All the fun stuff I’m sure you’ll agree!  Four big bags to the charity shop, a load of items piled up destined for eBay, and several items listed on Gumtree later – our current place feels a lot lighter!  There’s nothing like an impending move to really be ruthless with the clutter!  Don’t worry, my lovely vintage Russian dolls (an old eBay find and bargain) are coming with me!

    russian dolls

    I had initially thought the blog had been quite quiet this month, but then I looked back at all of this month’s posts and it’s actually been quite busy!  Here’s what you might have missed:

    How we saved a heap of money (£240 in just a week!) with a wonder material.

    Bethan John of Decorator’s Notebook shared her insights into running an ethical business.  I found this really fascinating!

    A beautiful secondhand furnished home in Cornwall.  As well as house envy I have some serious garden envy!

    Showing The Love for the planet.

    green blog

    Some advice on starting a blog.

    15 things you’ve always wanted to ask a vegetarian.

    Thrift shop manager Leah Wise shared her ethical style.

    Finally, some unexpected uses for soap!


    Other things this month:

    people tree eco edit

    I was seriously flattered this month when People Tree asked me to model for their Eco Edit alongside some fantastic bloggers.

    I also took part in Style Stories talking about my love of ethical and secondhand clothing.    You can submit your own Style Story to the website too!

     Good things I’ve read:

    I’ve found some good things on the internet this month

    The Seasoned Student is a new favourite blog.  It’s been a long time since I was a student but eating well on a budget is still something that’s relevant to me now so it’s been well and truly bookmarked!

    Sticking on the same topic of eating well on the cheap, another blog I’ve been drawn to is Grubby Knees, Clean Plate. The author, Sam, has set herself a challenge of feeding her family of five for £80 a week.  She aims to do it by supporting local businesses rather than supermarkets, and I’m looking forward to reading along!

    Some delicious winter vegan recipes (I am clearly all about the food this month!).

    Make a self-watering plant pot from a beer bottle!


    Some posts from the archives you might have missed:

    The best green electricity suppliers

    A buyerarchy of needs

    Should you buy wine with a cork or screw top?

    Men’s ethical clothing companies


    Any fun plans for March?  I am going to be in a sea of boxes so do let me live vicariously through you!!

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      uses for soap

      Unexpected Uses for Soap

      I love illustrator Yumi Sakugawa’s series of illustrations for the website WonderHowTo.  This one on 11 unexpected uses for a bar of soap is particularly brilliant, and I had to share it.  There are so many uses for soap that I wasn’t aware of – from stopping squeaky floorboards to avoid getting dirt under your fingernails whilst gardening!

      uses for soap

      See the full post on WonderHowTo.

      Did you learn anything new?!

      ps: I’ve shared some of Yumi’s great illustrations before – here are 21 amazing uses for coconut oil and 13 unexpected uses for vinegar.

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