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christmas star

Hey!  How are you?  How has your week been?  And tell me, did you get some snow?  I feel like Edinburgh has been the only place in the country that did not get any snow this week and I am disappointed!

This week’s links:

1.  Good news this week was that the Co-op (in East Anglia initially) are to sell food past their best before dates for 10p, in a bid to cut food waste.  As the daughter of greengrocers, my parents always brought home the tinned and dried food past their best before dates for us to eat, with no adverse affect on us.  I always knew when we got Ricicles (remember them?) for breakfast that they were past their best before date!

2.  Related: food labels are to be simplified to help reduce food waste too.

3.  The new Icelandic prime minister sounds like my kind of person.

4.  Been hooked on Blue Planet 2?  Me too, me too.  But did you know that’s Britain’s coral reefs and marine life are equal to anything on Blue Planet 2?  A much overlooked fact.

5. Does your clothes label say “made in Europe”?  It turns out these clothes may not be as ethical as they sound.

6.  2017 is set to be the best year yet for ‘conscious’ seasonal spending.  I personally hate the term ‘conscious’ but this is good news, and hopefully the start of an ever upward trend,

7.  Sally from the blog A Blighted Star has pulled together some useful resources on having a greener Christmas.

8.  I’d also add Anna Jones has some great ideas for edible gifts.

9. If you are in a listening mood, then I highly recommend the BBC’s Food On The Edge.  From Syrian refugee kitchens, Black Panther breakfasts to how a Danish chef is creating delicious food from “waste food”, it made for fascinating listening.

10.  Finally, plus size ethical fashion has a lot of catching up to do, but here are 11 global brands making sustainable fashion available to every woman.

Enjoy your Sunday!  I am hosting a house full of six year olds today so wish me luck (or send wine!).


ps: I am donating to this great campaign this week to help eradicate homelessness.

mens ethical gift ideas

Ethical Gift Ideas for Men With Brothers We Stand

mens ethical gift ideasSponsored post

I know I have already shared some ethical gift ideas on the blog this month, but what if you are still struggling for ideas for your significant other/dad/brother/best friend?  I know I certainly find men in particular difficult to shop for.

Thankfully ethical menswear retailer Brothers We Stand (who excitingly have just opened up their first physical store in Bristol’s Wapping Wharf after years of trading solely online) have handily put together an ethical gift guide for men.

If you have never heard of Brothers We Stand, they are a clothing retailer exclusively selling ethically produced menswear from a tightly curated collection of independent ethical brands and designers.

Every item they sell has undergone rigorous research by the Brothers We Stand team to ensure each product offered meets the highest design and ethical standards.  From what the clothes are made from; to how the clothes are made and by whom; and to how durable the clothes are, these are all key considerations made before any new product is stocked by Brothers We Stand.

All of this information is shared to shoppers through a unique tag telling the story of each item.  When you are browsing a particular item simply click on the ‘footprint’ section for a detailed rundown on what makes the item ethical and sustainable, and in some cases, where the item could be improved in the future.  Sometimes ethical shopping is all about compromise, and I really respect the fact that Brothers We Stand haven’t shied away from this fact.

Here are some of their top picks for ethical and sustainable gents this Christmas!

Recycled Card Holder

elvis kresse card holder


This beautiful double cardholder (£31) from Elvis & Kresse, is made from decommissioned British fire hoses and is lined with reclaimed parachute silk from the British military.  There’s a whole lot of recycling in there, and the finished piece is a thing of beauty.  And it’s even Oyster card friendly if your gent is London based.

Organic Jumper

ethical gift ideas for men

This GOTS certified organic cotton jumper (£87) is from Danish ethical brand DCA is ethical, sustainable and built to last.  It’s stylish and cosy and beats a novelty Christmas jumper hands down any day!

Organic Polo Shirt


This 100% organic cotton polo-shirt (£50) is again from DCA, and is perfect for dapper gents interested in sustainable style.  Even the dye used is non-harmful, and they are dyed in modern dye houses focused on minimising water usage and responsible waste water treatment.  Two thumbs up!

Organic Socks

jollie socks

If you are looking for something less spendy then you can rarely go wrong with socks.  Especially with these organic cotton Jollie Socks (£14), which are made in the UK, and for every pair sold a pair is donated to a local homeless centre.

Organic Cotton Hoodie

silverstick hoodie

Finally, this lovely GOTS certified organic cotton hoodie (£59) is a midweight hoodie ethically made in Portugal by ethical manufacturers Silverstick.  With  doubleweight hood and reinforced pockets this hoodie will be sure to be a favourite for many many years to come.

Be sure to catch the full gift guide over at Bothers We Stand!