method cleaning products

Method Cleaning Products Review

method cleaning products

The nice people at Method recently sent me some of their cleaning products to try out.

In the interests of full disclosure, I have to say I’m an existing fan of Method Cleaning Products.  I’ve mentioned them before in my post on my environmentally friendly cleaning products that work post and my post on washable nappies.  My particular Method favourites are the laundry liquid and lavender multi-surface spray, but I was keen to try some new Method products!

method sweet tangerine air freshener

The first product I tried out was their new sweet tangerine air freshener.  To be honest we’re not air freshener people – it’s not something I normally buy and I prefer opening a window or burning a candle – but I was willing to approach it with an open mind.

Method say “unlike many traditional aerosol sprays that are powered by petroleum-based propellant mixed in with the product, method continuous spray air fresheners are packed in an airtight chamber powered by compressed air. so when you spray, you fill your room with one of our nature-inspired scents.”

I like the fact there are no propellants and have to admit it did smell lovely and not in an overly cloying way that some air fresheners can smell.  The smell doesn’t linger too long – just enough to cover up what smell you’re wanting to mask and no more – so you’re not going to walk into a room two hours later and still be over-powered!  My only real gripe with it was I noticed it did leave droplet marks on our dark tiled bathroom floor that needed wiping off, but as I don’t use air freshener then I don’t know if this is common to all air fresheners?

method power foam dish soap

Next on my list to try was Method’s Power Foam Dish Soap in lemon mint.  The idea is that you spray the power foam on to your sponge or cloth, wipe your dirty dishes and rinse them off.  I have to say I was initially a little perplexed by this product – it’s more environmentally friendly to fill your sink and do a load of dishes rather than rinsing them under the tap so I wasn’t too sure why Method had come up with this product.

It sat on my worktop for a few days unused, and then one night I was filling up my dishwasher.  As I filled it up, bar a a pot and a skillet that aren’t dishwasher safe, I realised it would be perfect for those couple of items that can’t go in the dishwasher but you don’t want to fill a sink just to wash one or two things.  And so I got cleaning my skillet and was impressed with how easily it removed cooked on food, and the lovely minty lemon smell.

I don’t know if it’s something I would regularly purchase though – it’s going to take me quite some time to get through it, and I’m not too sure if it’s much different to wiping down your dishes with a bit of washing up liquid?  I’ll update if I find much difference as I go – I’m keeping an open mind!

method hand wash

Finally, I tried out Method’s Fresh Currant Hand Wash. I’ve used Method Hand Wash in the past, so I’m no stranger to their paraben free, triclosan free and naturally derived formulation.  Fresh Currant smells lovely, has great cleaning properties and doesn’t dry out my hands so it ticks all my boxes.  We’ve been using bar soap for quite some time now as bar soap is generally a bit more environmentally friendly (packaging and transportation wise) than liquid hand wash, so this was a bit of an indulgent treat for us!  Thanks Method!

Have you used any Method cleaning products before?  Which are your favourites?

Disclosure: Method sent me some cleaning products to review, but all words, opinions and photos are my own.   

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    deal pier

    Travel To: Deal, Kent

    deal pier

    I’ve got a lovely guest post for you today from blogger Anmarie Bowler, who is the author of Huntress London, a lovely blog all about Anmarie’s love of secondhand shopping.  I’m keen to expand the travel section of Moral Fibres, and Anmarie was kind enough to write about her favourite UK holiday destination: Deal on the Kent coast. 

    Every year my husband and I board a long-haul flight to America.  This Yankee girl living in London occasionally longs for baseball, corndogs and the company of my joyfully unruly family.  That said, I find international air travel wasteful, exhausting, and terribly dull.  So we’ve made an effort to holiday the rest of the year closer to home, and the Kent Coast has proved a rather good Deal!

    Deal, the secluded maritime town situated between Sandwich to the north, Canterbury to the west and Dover to the south, has become our delightful default destination.  Today more a home to holiday makers than maritime adventure, Deal boasts an impressive naval and shipping history.  Good food, good beer, good walks and very good secondhand shopping make this Kent Coast corker the ideal get-away.

    Train travel to Deal from London, always convenient, has recently become even easier as a fast train every hour has been added, making the journey from St Pancras less than 90 minutes.  Once you’ve arrived, foot travel is all that’s required.

    Dunkerleys Deal

    Deal offers a handful of typical seaside hotels to accommodate you on your visit.  The best among these is certainly The Dunkerly, a family run establishment that will welcome you with open arms.  While the rooms are small, they are spotlessly clean and several have views out to the Pier and rolling sea.  The downstairs bar is cosy and breakfast included everything we could have wanted.

    For a more glamourous night’s sleep, The Royal Hotel offers huge, well-appointed rooms, several that face out to the sea with balconies and roll-top bathtubs with views of the sea.  The Royal stands proudly on Deal’s seafront and is a popular spot come summer as it provides plenty of outdoor space for eating, drinking and relaxing.  Again a hearty breakfast awaits you in the morning and while we found the pub restaurant in The Royal rather run of the mill, the staff are friendly and welcoming.

    royal hotel deal

    Deal is also dotted with any number of holiday cottages to let for a weekend or longer.  I highly recommend the relaxing benefits of cottage accommodation; we’ve found it as economical as a decent hotel, if not a slightly better bed-down bargain.  Enjoy cooking your own breakfast, private wining and dining, snuggling up on a sofa, lying in and spreading out in your own quaint home-from-home.

    By far, the best place we’ve found to hang your hat is Turnstone Cottage, pictured below.  Turnstone is a two-bedroom jewel, and owner Eleanor has thought of everything – from board games to bicycles, and extra pillows to glossy magazines.  We’ve already reserved the cottage for a week at Christmas, but there’s plenty of other weekends available to you.  Truly a treat, Turnstone will rejuvenate you during your days in Deal.

    deal, kent

    I’m a dedicated secondhand shopper – you’ll find my happy ramblings on the pleasures of pre-owned style at Huntress London – and Deal offers a variety of exciting secondhand shopping.  Typical of a town this size, you’ll find a clutch of charity shops, well-run and friendly they are all worth a look in.

    Outside of the high street, Deal boasts an ‘Old Town’ featuring 6 to 8 vintage shops of varying descriptions.  While they’re more furniture than fashions, set amongst the painted tables and quirky floor lamps, the keen hunter will spot jewellery, scarves, belts and the odd military jacket or fancy hat.  This is a browsing bonanza: more looking and less buying (music to my husband’s ears).

    vintage shopping

    On Saturdays from 9am to 2pm the Union Road car park also hosts an antiques sale that is small but perfectly formed.  Don’t miss it.  Might I suggest rolling out of bed early, perusing the stalls, buying, breakfasting and heading back to bed.

    Other shops I’ve enjoyed in Deal include Fox and Spindle at 16 King Street – a tiny treasure trove that includes hand knit scarves – and Full House, a clearance and antiques shop on Park Street not far from the station.

    Eateries?  Let’s just say you won’t go hungry in Deal.  Our favourites include the Middle Street Fish Bar – simply the best fish & chips I’ve eaten since relocating to England nine years ago.  Out of the way on a back street, what it lacks in sea views, it makes up for in fresh sea flavour.  Want something a bit more fancy than fish and chips?  A reservation made well in advance is required at The Prince Albert on the corner of Alfred Square, but worth the extra effort.  They serve posh pub grub that’s fit for royals.  And for the sweet toothed, Harriet’s Cafe at 7 Board Street, serves home-made cakes that rival my grandmother’s.

    harriets of deal

    One of Deal’s best assets is surely the Astor Theatre.  This community centre in the heart of the town offers concerts appealing to music lovers of all  stripes, yoga classes, comedy nights, film screenings and much more.  Once a month the Astor hosts a Sunday antiques market that is a small but sparkling selling spree you won’t want to miss.  We almost always plan our Deal adventure to coincide with interesting goings-on at the Astor.

    Finally Deal is a walkers dream, motor traffic is light and the coastline serves as a lovely natural guide.  We enjoy walking south to Walmer, where Walmer Castle offers peaceful pleasure, the grounds in particular.

    Walmer Castle

    Walking north to Sandwich is doable for the fitter among us (just over 5 miles) and on a sunny day this flat, scenic amble that crosses a historic golf course, is delightful.  Catch the train one stop back to Deal once you’re ready to return to your base.

    Whether for a weekend or a fortnight, this friendly seaside town is the real Deal indeed!


    Thanks Anmarie!  Do you live in the UK and want to write a guide on where you live or your favourite place in the UK to visit?  Drop me a line on!

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      floral biscuits

      March Roundup

      Oh my, I don’t know about you but March is one month I’ll be glad to sweep right under the rug and never think of again!  What a month of stress and ill-health and more.

      The silver lining to all the March madness is that we’ve found and bought a new home – a lovely little Victorian cottage – and move in just a couple of days!  I’m writing this amidst a sea of boxes (I didn’t think we owned THAT much stuff!) and trying to psyche myself up for the impending moving of All Of The Stuff (we’re doing it ourselves) and all of the painting and DIY that needs doing.  I’m a little sad to move from our little maisonette – it’s been the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere as an adult – but very excited to move to our cottage, even though it needs so much work (and a wood burner installing – oh yes, this is indeed going to be happening!!).


      Before I bore you with more details of our new house (I could go on for days!), here’s what’s been going down on the blog this month, that you might have missed:

      A Spring Ethical Clothing Wishlist

      A guide to writing a green blog

      Elizabeth Stilwell’s Ethical Style (pictured above)

      Did you know you can visit the Teacup Travel’s House?

      Some ethical gift ideas for mums – I know Mother’s Day has passed now but handy to keep in mind for birthdays!

      Our favourite allotment books

      Answering the ultimate question – can you recycle envelopes?

      Fancy a holiday in Deal, Kent?

      What’s In Season in March


      I was also guest posting on the Braintree Clothing website this month!


      floral biscuits

      Here are some interesting things I found on the internet this month:

      Are the UK’s carbon emissions really falling, or are we outsourcing them to China?

      The prettiest biscuits (above)!

      Feed ducks with peas, grapes and lettuce – not bread.

      The Eiffel Tower has embraced wind power!

      What’s wrong with what we eat?

      decoupage easter eggs

      From the Moral Fibres archives – you might have missed: eco-friendly easter egg alternatives, gardening with kids, and my guide to alternative search engines.

      Back tomorrow with what’s in season in April (hint: all the good things!)!  After that things will be a little quiet for a few weeks as we’ll be without internet for a while (and maybe electricity and gas too, but I’m trying not to think too hard about that very small point…!).

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