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A Stunning Vintage Home in Bristol

I came across the vintage home of Bristol based blogger Lou Archell on Design Sponge and instantly fell in love with her Victorian terraced house packed full of secondhand and vintage finds.  I’m a big fan of using secondhand furniture and Lou has really used her furniture to great effect.  Our own home is very much a work in progress so I’m definitely using Lou’s home for inspiration!

Their modern kitchen is complemented really well with all of Lou’s vintage and artisan accessories.  This could pretty much be my dream kitchen.

white metro tile kitchen

At the heart of their living room is a cosy wood burning stove.

wood burning stove

The dining room’s pièce de résistance is surely the William Morris wallpaper, which complements the vintage furniture and accessories beautifully.

william morris wallpaper

vintage dining room furniture

The bedroom feels simple and relaxing, and I love the idea of using an old chair as a nightstand.

vintage bedroom furniture

Even the bathroom has the secondhand treatment with this beautiful old mirror, customised by Lou.

vintage house

You can see the full house tour over on Design Sponge – I highly recommend it!

Lou blogs at Little Green Shed, where you can see more glimpses of her stunning vintage home.  All photos were taken by the talented Laura Pashby.

You might be wondering on the progress of our new house?  Well, we’ve fitted a new bathroom but can’t finish the room due to a problem with penetrative damp on one wall, which we’ve just had a pretty hefty repair bill for.  Hopefully this will be sorted out ASAP!  We installed a wood burning stove in our living room a few months ago, but haven’t yet found the time to paint over the dark brown paint that currently adorns all of the living room walls (and our bedroom walls!), and we’ve just had the plans drawn up for our new fitted kitchen, which we hope to have fitted in the next couple of months.  As soon as the house is in a better state than it is now then I promise to share the photos!

PS: more house tours here!

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    uses of borax

    Uses For Borax Around The House

    uses of borax

    I’ve seen borax pop up in a few homemade household cleaning recipes but I hadn’t appreciated just how many uses for borax there are until I came across this really handy infographic.  It shows 21 use for borax around the house!  21!  From unclogging drains and cleaning mattresses to inhibiting mould, it seems borax does it all!

    Although it’s non toxic and a completely natural substance, borax can be a bit of an irritant to sensitive skin.  If you do suffer from sensitive skin, skin allergies, eczema or anything like that then I would avoid using it on anything that’s going to come into contact with your skin on a regular basis (e.g. the carpet cleaning recipe, or the clothes deodoriser recipe).  Just to be on the safe side!

    Now we’ve got the safety chat out of the way, on to the uses for borax!

    uses for borax

     Uses for Borax infographic source: eReplacement Parts

    If you’re in the UK/EU and you want to track some borax down, please note you’ll only be able to buy “borax substitute”.  The reason being a few year ago the EU reclassified the ‘Borate’ group of chemicals that Borax belongs to  as a dangerous substance!  Apparently borax substitute still has all the same cleaning and laundry uses that original borax had and is pretty much identical, composition wise, but cannot be used for pest control.  You’ll still need to store it securely away from children, preferably up high on in a childproof cupboard, and properly labelled, as it’s not a substance you want young children getting their hands on.

    And if you’re wondering where to buy borax substitute, I’ve seen it for sale in cardboard boxes in pound shops (in the cleaning aisle) and hardware shops for the princely sum of £1 for a 500g box.  The brand is Dri Pak.  It’s also available in larger quantities at the excellent Summer Naturals website.

    I’m certainly tempted to pick some up and give it a go around my house!

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      ethical clutch bag

      Meet Lost In Samsara

      I’m really pleased to welcome new blog sponsor, Lost In Samsara, to the blog this month.

      Lost in Samsara is a very new ethical venture, started by Marvia and Alessia, two Italians who have been living in London for the last few years.  Whilst the venture is new, the girls have have grand plans.

      Marvia and Alessia plan to open a bricks and mortar ethical shop and cafe in London, where people can come and shop for ethically sourced goods and accessories, and while they’re there have a coffee and read about the places and communities that have created the ethical goods they plan to sell.

      And if that’s not ambitious enough, Lost in Samsara also want to set up an initiative they are calling “The Wheel Project” – a swap shop  whereby people can swap and exchange goods.  Marvia and Alessia have even set up an online swapping community, where goods and skills can be exchanged without the use of money.  You can join the online Wheel Project here and start swapping!

      To achieve all of this they have turned to crowdfunding to help secure the first three month’s startup costs.  To see how you can help, and to find out more, do visit their Indiegogo page.

      Even if you can’t donate financially, there are still ways to get involved.  The girls are also looking for

      • small items you want to donate to help create the initial stock in their shop to start the swapping community.
      • interior design students
      • artists looking for space to exhibit their art
      • bloggers to help them start a blog
      • or anyone with any relevant skills to help them out

      For those us not local to London, Lost In Samsara will also soon be selling their beautiful fairtrade wares, including ethically produced clutch bags and tablet cases through Etsy and Jewel and Lotus – a site much like Etsy but with a specific focus on all things ethical and fairtrade.  Make sure you visit the website and follow Lost in Samsara via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to keep up-to-date with the latest developments!

      ethical tablet case

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