when is my recycling collected

When Is My Recycling Collected?

when is my recycling collected

I read an article in The Guardian last month, in which British consumers admitted confusion over recycling.  Of the 1500 adults surveyed, some of the responses elicited were very much expected.  Not knowing what can and can’t be recycled was therefore pretty much a given result.

Something I hadn’t expected though was that 43% of those surveyed – 645 people out of 1500 – expressed confusion on which day to put their recycling out for collection.  43%!  No wonder there’s confusion over recycling if nearly half of those polled don’t know when to put their bins out.

To help anyone confused by the when is my recycling collected conundrum, I wanted to share a free service I use to help remind me which bin day it is.

I use Green Box Day, which sends you a free email (or chargeable text message) to remind you when to put your bin out, and which bin to put out.  You can select how far in advance you want notice – from three days beforehand, to on the day your bin collection is due.  I’ve been using the service for the past 12 months and I’ve found that setting the email reminder one day in advance is the sweet spot, but you might prefer otherwise.

I find it particularly useful as a reminder when to put my garden waste bin out as in my area (West Lothian) the garden waste collection service is quite sporadic.  I’ve also found it particularly handy around Christmas and New Year time when waste collections tend to deviate from the normal pick up day.

The service currently covers Edinburgh, West Lothian, Shropshire (including Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Bridgnorth, Whitchurch & Oswestry), Telford & Wrekin, Cannock Chase and Warwick council areas.  However Green Box Day do say that they are currently compiling recycling/household/garden waste collection data from councils area around the UK, with plans for a full UK roll out.

They do also say that if your postcode area is not covered at the moment, then to register with them anyway and they will contact you when they are able to start sending you recycling collection reminders.

Hope this is helpful, and happy recycling!

autumn conkers

An Ethical Autumn Wishlist

autumn conkers

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Autumn is where it’s at, as far as I’m concerned.  On cold damp days when the air smells like wood smoke and leaves, I like to curl up at home in front of our woodburner.  Give me any combination of the following, and I would stay there all day, happy as anything :

autum wishlist

A cosy jumper.

A freshly brewed pot of tea.

A nice mug to sip it out of.

Something naughty to nibble on.

A good book.

A favourite pair of gloves, made from recycled cashmere.

A toasty pair of socks.

And last, but not least, a pocket full of conkers.

If it wasn’t for the school run and my ever impending return to work I’m pretty sure I would struggle to leave my cosy spot in front of the fire!