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boori cot

We’ve always found choosing kids furniture a tricky path to navigate.  On one hand we want/need practical furniture that will suit our needs right now, and on the other hand we want to choose furniture that will serve us for many years to come.

For my eldest we went for a standard cot – not a cot bed – just a cot.  It was fine but after one and a half years, when the little monkey found she could climb out of it in one silent maneuver, we had no further use for it.  The cot was swiftly dismantled, popped on Gumtree, and a big girl single bed procured, which she still sleeps in to this day.

Now my littlest is rapidly out growing her Moses basket and we have had to start thinking about her sleeping situation.  With rather serendipitous timing the lovely people at Boori got in touch asking me if I’d like to try out one of their cots.

We opted for the Lucia Convertible Plus Cot Bed.  Not only does the cot turn into a toddler bed, as the name implies,  but once your child has grown out of the toddler bed it also turns into a sofa AND a full sized double bed.  I kid you not.

Here it is as a rather beautiful cot:

boori lucia cot

And with a few turns of an allan key here it is as a sofa:

cot turns into sofa
boori lucia cot bed review

I was expecting it to be a small kids sofa.  No, it’s a full sized sofa that comfortably sits two adults.

The kit to also turn it into a double bed is sold separately,  but it’s good to know that if you did want a matching bed and sofa in your room then that option is available.

Our plan for when our littlest is out of her cot bed (which will actually be quite some time, as my 4.5 year old can comfortably sleep on it – trust me, she’s had a go!) is to use the sofa in the girl’s bedroom.  As it’s a good size, then if they have a friend round to stay it could double up as a bed in that instance.

I think Boori are on to a winner with their range of convertible furniture – it’s really refreshing to see companies really thinking about the longevity of their products.

Another big thumbs up for Boori is that all of their products are Greenguard certified – meaning that their products have very low chemical emissions.  Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be emitted from paint, from furnishings, building materials and so forth.  If you or your family members have respiratory problems or allergies then it makes particular sense to reduce your/their exposure to VOCs through the choices you make for your home – such as choosing low VOC paints, furniture and flooring.

In short we love the cot, and love that it’s going to be part of our lives for a long time to come, with isn’t something you can often say about an item of furniture as transient as a cot.

Boori generously provided my littlest with a cot for the purposes of this review, but all words and opinions are my own.

spinach recipe green kitchen stories

10 Spinach Recipes To Try

I’ve got 10 spinach recipes for you to try today.  I’m in a bit of a spinach kick at the moment, and as spinach is pretty much in season all year round in the UK it’s a great sustainable ingredient to have in your kitchen, whether it’s fresh or frozen.

10 Spinach Recipes To Try

spinach recipes

One of my absolute favourite things to make with spaghetti is Anna Jones’ one pot spaghetti.  The recipe says to use kale but I make it with spinach (and often throw in a big handful of basil) and it is delicious.  If I had to eat this spaghetti every day for a year I’d be quite happy!  Omit the hard cheese and it’s vegan too.

vegan spinach recipe

This Spanish chickpea and spinach stew from Lazy Cat Kitchen is vegan and gluten-free friendly, and is definitely on my list of things to cook.

spinach soup recipe

This spinach and white bean soup sounds like a deliciously comforting bowl of soup.  Vegan friendly too, it’s ready in only 30 minutes.

spinach recipe green kitchen stories

Green Kitchen Stories never let me down.  I’ve got two of their cookbooks and everything I’ve made from the books have been 100% delicious.  These spinach and quinoa patties will be my next Green Kitchen Stories make, I reckon.

vegetarian spinach recipes

I’m not 100% confident in the kitchen and the idea of pastry does intimidate me a little, but gosh, this spinach and artichoke galette looks pretty darned good.  We’ve got artichokes growing in our allotment (if the pesky slugs don’t get there first) so this might be something to make when it comes to artichoke harvest time.

spinach salad idea

Whenever the weather warms up I always crave salad.  This spinach, beetroot and quinoa salad looks divine.

spinach smoothie recipe

I haven’t really jumped on the whole smoothie/juicing bandwagon that’s been going on for a good few years now, and I’m not too sure how I feel about spinach served in a drink.  I would be willing to give this pear, ginger and spinach smoothie a go though.

spinach pizza recipe

If pizza is more your thing then swap the Parmesan cheese for a vegetarian hard cheese and get making this three cheese spinach pizza!

vegetarian spinach quesadillas

Or maybe these carmelised onion, spinach and avocado quesadillas are more your thing?

baked egg spinach recipes

Finally, if you’re in the mood to brunch then try these baked eggs with mushrooms, potatoes, spinach and Gruyere cheese.  It’s made using only one pan which is always the best kind of recipe – less washing up to do!

What will you be trying out first?  And what are your favourite spinach recipes?  Do share in the comments below!

eco friendly house move

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

I’ve got a sponsored guest post for you today from Shiply, a courier company with a difference.

Moving house isn’t just stressful for us human being but it can also be quite harsh on the environment.  Moving usually involves using dozens of cardboard boxes, tape and bubble wrap.  Items that you won’t necessarily need again for quite some time and not to mention disbursing fuel and emitting pollutants.

However, it is possible to move house in an eco-friendly responsible manner that is kind to the environment we live in.  Below is a handy guide on how you can green your house move.


One thing I have learned from past experience when moving house is you do not need to bring every item you own with you on your new adventure.  Have a massive clear out before you start packing.

You can sell any unwanted old clothes, books and appliances on eBay or Gumtree.  Or alternatively, you can give them to local charity shops or family and friends.

If you don’t need all your furniture in your new home, you can donate these to websites like Freecycle.  This fantastic website allows you to donate unwanted furniture and passes them on to others free of charge reducing waste in the process.

Packing Materials

Instead of buying tons of new boxes and packing materials, get crafty with the items you have around you.  Try to use suitcases instead of boxes.  Ask your friends and family if you can borrow some of their suitcases just for your house move.

Laundry bags are also an excellent alternative to boxes.  You can generally fit a lot in them and they are much easier to carry than boxes.  Instead of buying tons of bubble wrap, you can use clean towels and linens to wrap breakables in.

Cleaning Products

When cleaning your old place (and new) don’t forget to use eco-friendly cleaning products.  If you don’t know where to buy organic cleaning products the great thing is you can make them yourself.  All you need is lemons, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and some essential oils.

If you are not doing the cleaning yourself, make sure to ask the cleaning company what sort of cleaning products they use.


Hire an eco-friendly moving company to help you out with heavy lifting on the big day.  You can use delivery websites like Shiply who match customers with eco-logistics providers who have spare capacity and are looking for extra work.  To date, it is estimated that Shiply has saved over 33 million unnecessary truck miles.  This equates to around 11.7m kg of CO2, the same as you flying from London to New York 19,311 times.