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Four of the Best Soy Candles

Today let’s talk soy candles.  And not just any old soy candles.  The best soy candles.

I love candles.  On a dark night there’s nothing better than closing the curtains, dimming the lights and lighting some soy or beeswax candles to create a lovely relaxing atmosphere.

Standard candles I don’t love so much.  Standard candles are made from paraffin wax – a petroleum by-product that is made when crude oil is refined into petrol, which affects your indoor air quality when you burn them.  And that’s before we’ve even covered the artificial fragrances contained in candles, which can hide a cocktail of particularly undesirable chemicals.

Soy candles are made from soy wax – a vegetable wax made from the oil of soy beans, so are petroleum free, and the very best soy candles are also fragranced with pure essential oils rather than artificial fragrance.

I’ve tried a lot of candles in my time – here are four of the best soy candles in case you’re in the market for some candles.  Or maybe you’re like me and candles are your fail safe thing to buy for people who are really hard to buy for!

Four of the Best Soy Candles

Paddy Wax

best soy candles

Paddy Wax soy candles, available online from Rooi, are one of my long standing favourites.  I’m currently burning the redwood amber candle, which has a lovely sweet yet earthy scent (derived from essential oils) that  I find hard pushed to describe.

Paddy Wax candles are a little more strongly scented than other scented soy candles I have tried.  I find that a good thing when you are trying to fragrance a larger area, such as a living room, however they may be a bit overpowering in a small bathroom, for example.  Save your Paddy Wax candle for fragrance purposes, rather than mood lighting when you’re in the bath!

What I love most about Paddy Wax are that the candles come in a wide variety of holders.   I have had a few of the recycled bottle and apothecary jar candles in the past, and have saved the empty jars for candle making.  Whilst in this instance I have a wooden octagon candle pot that will make a lovely plant pot when the candle is spent.  I’m looking forward to planting a little succulent in this beauty.

The Melt Pool

melt pool soy candles

The Melt Pool soy candles are handmade using soy wax and essential oils, and come in a range of containers – from tins to glass votives and jars, and use recycled packaging where they can

I’ve got the cedarwood candle, with cinnamon cloves and orange which is lovely to light on cold dark nights.  I find the aroma is a bit more delicate than from Paddy Wax candles  but it still gives off a lovely fragrance.  The candles start from £4.95 so make for a good budget friendly option.

Isle of Skye Candle Co

best soy candles

Isle of Skye Candle Co soy candles are handmade on, as the name suggests, the Isle of Skye, and come in beautiful glass votive jars.   I’ve opted for a three wick candle, but they do have single wick candles.

I have the Wooden Heart candle, which is a blend of tea tree, cedar wood and orange essential oils.  The scent on this one is very delicate and I think this particular one is best suited for lighting purposes, rather than being one that you’d light to help mask cooking smells, for example.  The three wick candle provides a cosy bright light, and would be perfect adorning the table during a romantic candle lit meal.

Tiny Candle Co

tiny candle co soy candles

Tiny Candle Co soy candles are hand poured, and made from soy wax and pure essential oils.  I have the pomegranate and fig soy candle, and again find the aroma to be quite a delicate one, so this is my candle of choice when having a long soak in the bath of an evening.

Tiny Candle Co candles make for lovely gifts, as they come packaged in a pretty box tied in ribbon.  No wrapping paper required (aka, my favourite kind of gift!).

Do you have a particular favourite soy candle brand?

PS: you can also make your own beeswax candles.  It’s really easy.  If you’d rather use soy (perhaps you’re vegan?) then simply replace the beeswax with soy flakes to make soy candles.

I received samples of some of these candles for review purposes, but all words and opinions are my own.

link round up blog post

Ten Things

link round up blog post

Hey!  Nice to see you again!  Have you had a good week?  We had a fun day yesterday of going to our local country park, doing a spot of cycling, and then watching this week’s Grand Designs.  Did you see it?  I really really loved the house, but man alive, London prices are INSANE!

I have lots of great links for you this week:

1.  Why does ethical fashion cost more?

2.  I didn’t know that Pukka Tea has been bought over by Unilever.  This piece highlights what this means to your tea.

3.  What can we learn from Dr Jane Goodall?  It involves whiskey, a lax attitude to germs, nature and audiobooks.  I like to think Jane and I would get along just swimmingly!

4.  I haven’t flown in years, but sometimes flights are unavoidable.  If you need to fly, are there ways to make your flight greener?  The New York Times thinks so.

5.  The Scottish Government banned fracking in Scotland this week and we are over the moon! #renewablesforlife

6.  Have you heard of Slow Fashion October?  I have only just stumbled upon it and will be following along with interest.

7.  Life goals.

8.  These nature inspired cakes are something else.  Can we talk about the solar system cake for just one second?!  Mind blowing!

9.  This week I found out that quite a few Homebase stores around the country have free cargo bikes, that customers can borrow to transport bulky purchases home.  Whilst the article states the bikes are in England only, I found out that the Craigleith store in Edinburgh has one. Such a clever idea – top marks to Homebase!

10. And finally, how the clouds got their names.   I am forever fascinated by this kind of thing.

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Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!