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Save Energy With One Simple Step #10

Are you missing the weekly Save Energy With One Simple Step posts?  I was, and seeing as it’s Thursday I thought it would be a good day to share with you my tip number 10 in this now occassional saving energy series.

As always, all my tips for saving energy are really easy to do, without the need to buy the latest gadget or technology, and so won’t cost you any money.  In fact you’ll save money at the same time as saving energy, which is always good!

So, without further ado, here’s a good easy energy saving tip for you:

ways to save energy

Defrost your freezer, especially if it’s looking a bit glacier like in there.

I know it’s a total pain in the bum to do.  We did it last week, and without the luxury of a second freezer to store the food in, it meant that in the run up to the big defrost we had to eat everything up that was in the freezer.  We unearthed 40 (yes, forty, thanks to an internet shopping mix up!) vegetable fingers that we had to eat up.  Now I don’t think I can look at another vegetable finger without feeling more than a litte nauseous.

It needed doing though – frost buildup in your freezer increases the amount of work your freezer’s motor has to do, which means it’s using more energy.  Keeping it fairly frost free means savings for you and the environment.

My tips on how to defrost a freezer are quite straightforward – you’ll need lots of towels to protect your floor and a dish shallow enough to sit under the freezer’s drainage spout that you’ll be prepared to empty frequently.  I’m also a fan of placing bowls of hot water inside the freezer to help move things along a bit.  My last, most essential piece of advice is, however tempting it may be, do not under any circumstances hack at the ice with a knife, hammer or anything else.  Instead have patience and just leave the ice to melt, rather than risk puncturing your freezer pipes.

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Women’s Ethical Workwear

womens ethical workwear

womens ethical workwear

Recently a Moral Fibres reader on Twitter (you can follow along here) asked me if I had any ladies ethical workwear recommendations.  To help her out, and anyone else interested in women’s ethical clothing for the office, I’ve put together some of my favourite ethical workwear pieces below.  I personally tend to wear a lot of dresses to work because I find it quicker and easier in the mornings than picking out a matching top and trousers or skirt.  Maybe that’s just me!

As always, I’ve picked out ethical workwear pieces that are style classics, rather than adhering to specific trends:


ladies ethical workwear

1.  Polka Dot Dress – £48 – Annie Greenabelle make some stunning ethical clothing, including some gorgeous ethical dresses.  I find some of their clothes a bit too young for my taste (I’m over 30), but I do have a soft spot for this dress, which is smart enough for work.

2.  Boucle Dress – £65 – Another Annie Greenabelle dress which wouldn’t look out of place in the office.

3.  Nomads Tunic Dress – £49.95 – The dress from Nomads is really pretty, and office appropriate.

4.  Baroque Dress from People Tree  – £85 – This People Tree dress (featured above) is beyond beautiful.  Expensive, yes, but versatile and always in style.  You can save 10% off of your order from People Tree if you sign up for their mailing list, which works out at quite a good saving, and you get free delivery too on orders over £70.

5.  Grey Mid Heels – £81 – These Beyond Skin vegan heels are perfect for work – not too high, easy to walk in, and will go with anything.

womens ethical office clothes

1.  Breton Top* – £59 – I’ve featured this Mudd & Water top at Fashion Conscience before as I think it’s just perfect.  It’s smart enough for wearing with trousers or skirts, and can be worn with jeans at weekends.

2.  Linen Trousers – £47 – These organic linen trousers from Komodo are smart and office friendly.  Komodo also have a selection of ethical trousers in other colours and styles that would also be office appropriate, and are the smartest ethical trousers I’ve come across so far.

3.  White Blouse – £55 – This blouse from People Tree is smart without being boring or bland, and the silver bead detailing on the collar brings with it a tiny bit of glamour.

4.  Chinos* – £59 – These Mudd & Water chinos, available at Fashion Conscience, are perfect for dressing up for work, and dressing down for the weekend, and look so comfortable.

5.  Jacquard Skirt – £58 – This People Tree skirt is smart, pretty and perfect with boots for the autumn and winter or shoes for spring and summer.

6.  Oxford Lace Ups – £81 – These beauties, again from Beyond Skin, are pretty much the perfect shoe!

And there you have it – my ethical ladies clothing picks for work or the office.  Of course, there are always charity shops, Oxfam’s online store if you don’t fancy rummaging through racks, and eBay (remember my eBay shopping tips!) if you’re looking to update your ethical work wardrobe for less.


NB: * denotes the use of affiliate links.  See my disclosure policy for more details.