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Stylish Repurposed Furniture

repurposed furniture

As far as interior design trends go, repurposed furniture is one of the big things at the moment.

It’s part of the wider “industrial chic” trend, an oxymoron if ever there was one, and involves the use of old, often slightly shabby, ex-industrial pieces, in a modern more homelier setting.  Here are some examples of “industrial chic” repurposed furniture if, like me, you’ve been struggling to quite get your head around the concept:

industrial chic furniture

Image from here.

I’m not a follower of design trends – I just like what I like (which tends to be style classics that don’t date) –  so industrial chic doesn’t mean much to me.  However I do like the central ethos of it – repurposing old pieces that might otherwise go to waste, which is surely at the key core of sustainable living.

On the hunt for some stylish repurposed furniture, I found this old demi-john repurposed as a vase (pictured in the main image, above), a beautiful ex-industrial light, as well as this wire crate that has been repurposed into a small coffee table, all from Ginger and Mora:

industrial lampshade upcycled coffee table

All pieces would work well in any setting:  from cosy homes to those a bit more minimalist.

My ultimate repurposed furniture finds, however, were these stunning chairs sourced from a 1940’s Italian cinema, also on Ginger and Mora, which would fit right into my home in a heartbeat:

old cinema seat vintage cinema seat

vintage cinema chairs vintage cinema for sale

There’s a single and a double set available.  I’d love to have the bank of two in a living room or hallway.  Ok, not so thrifty, but so pretty!  So stylish!  So environmentally friendly!

What do you think?  Is industrial chic for you?  Or perhaps you’ve repurposed some furniture of your own?  Leave links in the comments below if you have any, or share on Twitter or Facebook – I’d love to have a look!

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Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Guide

eco-friendly father's day gifts

eco-friendly father's day gifts

Father’s Day falls on Sunday 16th June this year – so don’t panic, there’s still plenty of time to go before then!  If you’re anything like me you’ll find it hard shopping for the dad or father-figure in your life, especially if you want to shop with eco intentions.  To help you out here’s an eco-friendly Father’s Day gift guide that is sure to cater for any taste:

ethical father's day gift ideas

Benromach Organic Single Malt Whisky (£34) – The world’s first bottled single malt whisky to be fully certified as organic, the whisky is also matured in oak casks from environmentally managed forests, making it one of the most environmentally friendly spirits on the market.

Sharp’s Brewery Case of Mixed Beer (£29) – Perhaps your dad is more of a beer man?  This mixed case of beer from Cornish based Sharps Brewery treads lightly on the environment.  Sharp’s recycle all of their raw waste in some rather novel ways.  A local dairy herd consumes their spent grain; local pigs eat the spent yeast; beef cows drink up to 30 litres of waste beer per week (I get images of a herd of drunk cows….!); and much more.

Home-brew Kit (£33.60) – Alternatively, if you dad likes a bit of DIY he might like a homebrew kit!  We’ve made our own beer before: it’s surprisingly easy and tasty.  Be warned – we have had reports of minor bottle explosions from friends who have also homebrewed so it’s best to read the instructions fully!

eco-friendly father's day gift guide

Paper Potter Kit (affiliate link) (£11.75)- A paper potter is a handy tool for making pots for seeds/seedlings out of newspaper.  We have one and love it – it’s quite relaxing sitting making pots and means you don’t need lots of plastic pots, just a pile of old papers.

Recycled Leather Garden Belt (£18) – A garden belt is a useful tool for any keen gardener, especially when it’s made of recycled leather.

father's day gift ideas

Cork iPad Sleeve (£19.99) from Nigel’s Eco Store – Is your dad a gadget man?  A cork iPad sleeve is the ultimate in sustainability.  Cork is a really sustainable material, but now cork forests are being threatened because of screw-top bottles (a post will follow on this here), so perpetuating a market for cork helps protect the forests.

Ethletic Trainers (£44) – If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget and a hip dad, these trainers from Ethletic are ethical and eco.

father's day gifts

Ecology Salt Pig (£9.95) – Ecology have great eco-credentials: they use eco-friendly processes and materials in the manufacturing of their ceramic kitchenware, which are made in energy-efficient factories and are virtually free of chemicals.  This salt pig is a stylish addition to any kitchen and would be appreciate by foodie dads everywhere.  (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Ecology Pizza Cutter (£12.95) – If your dad is more of a fast food kind of guy, Ecology’s bamboo handled pizza cutter is super sustainable as bamboo is a natural and sustainable raw material, that suffers from few pests so can be grown without the use of pesticides.  It’s also one of the fastest growing plants on earth, growing up to an astonishing 100cm in just 24 hours! (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

I hope you enjoyed this eco-friendly Father’s Day gift guide!  Have a lovely day with your dad!