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link round up blog post

Hey!  Nice to see you again!  Have you had a good week?  We had a fun day yesterday of going to our local country park, doing a spot of cycling, and then watching this week’s Grand Designs.  Did you see it?  I really really loved the house, but man alive, London prices are INSANE!

I have lots of great links for you this week:

1.  Why does ethical fashion cost more?

2.  I didn’t know that Pukka Tea has been bought over by Unilever.  This piece highlights what this means to your tea.

3.  What can we learn from Dr Jane Goodall?  It involves whiskey, a lax attitude to germs, nature and audiobooks.  I like to think Jane and I would get along just swimmingly!

4.  I haven’t flown in years, but sometimes flights are unavoidable.  If you need to fly, are there ways to make your flight greener?  The New York Times thinks so.

5.  The Scottish Government banned fracking in Scotland this week and we are over the moon! #renewablesforlife

6.  Have you heard of Slow Fashion October?  I have only just stumbled upon it and will be following along with interest.

7.  Life goals.

8.  These nature inspired cakes are something else.  Can we talk about the solar system cake for just one second?!  Mind blowing!

9.  This week I found out that quite a few Homebase stores around the country have free cargo bikes, that customers can borrow to transport bulky purchases home.  Whilst the article states the bikes are in England only, I found out that the Craigleith store in Edinburgh has one. Such a clever idea – top marks to Homebase!

10. And finally, how the clouds got their names.   I am forever fascinated by this kind of thing.

And from the Moral Fibres archive, three things you might have missed:

What’s in season in October?

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Ethical men’s underwear.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


natural stain remover tips

How Often Should I Wash My Clothes?

As a young adult I often found myself wondering “how often should I wash my clothes?”.  I didn’t really know the answer, so erred on the side of caution a bit too much and washed my clothes pretty much after every wear.  With the exception of trousers, that maybe got two or three wears before being chucked in the laundry pile, I operated a one wear only policy.

It wasn’t until after I became a mum, and my laundry pile was less of a pile and more of a mountain, that I realised that maybe it was ok to not wash every single item of clothing after every wear.  The wake up call for me was when I was washing my daughter’s sleep suits after every wear, even if she’d needed changing in the night, so had only worn the suit for a few hours.  I soon realised that as long as the sleepsuits looked and smelled clean then my daughter could wear the same sleepsuit several nights in a row and nothing terrible was going to happen.

Since then I have relaxed my one wear laundry policy, relying on looks, smell and feel before assessing if something needs to go in the washing machine after just one or two wears.   Not washing your clothes quite so frequently helps prolong their life, saves you a bit of money, and helps the environment, as well as saving you time and energy so it’s something I’m completely on board with!

how often should I wash my laundry

If you want a bit more reassurance then going by nose alone, then I found this handy guide on how often should I wash my clothes from the people at Real Simple that I’ve reproduced here, and you can read the full article here.

How often should I wash my clothes?

how often should I wash my clothes

image courtesy of Real Simple

What do you think?  Are you onboard with washing your jeans after every four to five wears, or leggings after up to three wears?  I have a toddler in the house – think sticky hands, snotty noses, and so forth, so I would be very lucky if I could get my jeans lasting up to needing a wash after five wears!

And how often do you wash your clothes?  I’m curious!

ps: see my guide on how to wash wool for tips on advice on how to keep your woolens looking better for longer, my guide on how to wash white striped clothing, my guide on how to make your own fabric conditioner and my natural stain remover tips for all your laundry woes!