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Grow Your Own Food For Free With These Easy Tips

grow your own food cheap

Today let’s chat about how to grow your own food for free.

You see, we’ve just bought some seeds for our garden.  However, I never appreciated the cost of seeds before.   I was shocked to find that I could have very easily spent a heap of money on seeds.  It costs so much money!

I realised that we needed a better and thriftier plan.  So, instead, we bought a few select seeds.  I then did some intense internet research.  As such, I’m now armed with a plan on how to grow the rest of our food for free.

grow your own food for free

What’s the Secret?

Before you ask what kind of trickery we have up our sleeves, I’ll reveal our plans for growing our own on a budget.  The secret is that I found a great infographic on Pinterest (you can follow me here) about how to grow your own food for free from kitchen scraps.  Yup, kitchen scraps.

It turns out that instead of composting scraps, you can re-grow food from things like onion butts, the ends of leeks, the ends of lettuce, mushroom stalks, and more.  So much more!  Even the ends of pineapples.  Although I suspect that living in Scotland, pineapple wouldn’t work here in our colder climate!

I plan on giving all of this a go as this thrifty approach to gardening appeals to me very much!

Find out how you can be super thrifty in the garden too, and grow your own food cheaply after the jump…

How to Grow Food For Free From Scraps

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Stylish Vegan Bags For Every Occasion

vegan bag
vegan bag

Interested in vegan bags? Let me show you some beautiful vegan bags out there.

In my piece on is leather eco-friendly, I touched on many issues as to why leather isn’t great for the environment. From toxic heavy metal chemicals used in the tanning process to large-scale deforestation, increased methane levels, and animal cruelty issues.

This implies that leather alternatives are eco-friendly, but in the same article I touched on the issues with PVC and PU leather alternatives. These fossil-fuel-based products aren’t friendly to the environment or to the workers.

As such, I have been looking out for greener bags.

Skunkfunk’s Vegan Bags

I feel like I hit the jackpot with Skunkfunk.  They have a range of beautiful bags, available in the UK.  And not only are Skunkfunk bags vegan, but Skunkfunk is big on sustainability too:

vegan bags

From clockwise:

Skunkfunk tote bag (£39)

Skunkfunk handbag (£55) (be still my beating heart!

Satchel bag (£37)

Crossbody bag (£65)

You get free returns and delivery, and what’s more, if you sign up for the newsletter you get £10 off when you first spend £50.  That makes that pretty handbag £45…  Hmm…!

Matt & Nat Bag’s

I came across a brand called Matt & Nat.  Their vegan bags are a bit pricier but very stylish and classically timeless, and they are trying to be more sustainable in their operations too:

vegan bag uk

From clockwise:

Grey Tote Bag (£95)

Brown Tote Bag (£95)

Brown Tote Bag (£85)

Green Shoulder Bag (£70)

It’s been quite a tough job tracking down vegan-friendly bags that are also a bit greener in their production.  If you come across any do let me know, as I plan to update this post as I find more bags that fit the bill. If it’s beach bags you are looking for, do also check out my guide to sustainable beach bags.

Do also check out my guide to ethical vegan shoes.